This one's gonna cover Weds. night and Thurs. night, whereas I'll be on my "Tour of Texas" weekend! That's right! Me and Bo (my pet name for my car) will be off and up out!

Wednesday night at approximately 6:30 pm, the Lord blessed me tremendously. A woman with a promotions company called and asked me if (1) I would like to get paid to hand out flyers at a concert (2) if I would like to get into the concert for free and sit on the fifth row floor (3) if I could handle also getting a free hat, shirt, and bag, and finally (4) if I would be interested in doing this for the Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake concert on Thursday night.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! It took me oh two seconds to tell her "OMG YES!"

So then me and Rami went to IHOP for drinks and chat time. Rami is a cool cat. He's more mature than I am, so I really like getting his advice, opinion, and views on everything. Plus, he's superfunny. Rami, thanks dude for making me realize something....if it's supposed to happen, it will no matter what. I can't keep worrying about doing or not doing something in this situation, I just gotta let it be. And I can't pretend I don't feel that way when I KNOW I do.

I'm sleeping better. :)

So today (THURSDAY) I went to school, took a nap in between classes, and came back home. I had about an hour to get ready and then I had to be up at American Airlines Center to get started at work. We met up with our cool boss dude, and he informs us that he has extra free tickets, for anyone that wants them!!! So who did I call? Katie and Rami! KATIE WINS!!! Pretty nice early birthday present huh?

The concert was amazing. I hung out with 5 other girls that I was working with, and we all became instant friends. I was so close to the stage, I was like 10 feet away from it! I have NEVER been that close. Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson were there! Justin's choreographer's family was right behind me. One of Justin's dancers, Marty, is best friends with Clint's brother in law, so I said hello to him! I also ran into Naaman and Garland girl! GEEZ!! After the concert, Katie met up with me and thanked me for her tickets. In beween JT and Xtina, I called her cell and we waved at eachother from our seats. She definaitely had nosebleed, but loved it anyway!

New blog friend!!! Katie's friend Mark came with her! Mark is so funny, you guys! Mark, I promise to save you a Magic Hulk card.

At the end of the concert I passed out posters for Mattel's new Barbie dolls called FLAVAS. Mark and Katie teased me extremely well, but you know me, I loved it!

I also got asked to work again this Sunday in Houston!! So I'll get to do it all over again, and spend the night at my best friend Emily's house in H TOWN, WHOOP!!!! I can't wait to see the concert again!!!

I took some bomb diggity pics tonight I hope, I can't wait to get em developed!

Anyways, Richie picked me up from the AAC tonight cause my g-parents were nice enough to take me out there. Rich took me to get some dinner, well some IHOP, YUM, and then he brought me home.


Shout out to Stotts who was at Westlake skating rink today. The most embarassing moment of my life happened there in the seventh grade. I'm at Carrie's birthday party, and I really don't know that many people. I'm minding my own bidness when the annoucer yells "This is a request from Cortney to Kyle Schrock!" And cue Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You" Do any of you realize how I felt at that moment? I didn't know Kyle, and whatever making love included, I didn't wanna be part of that with him. Shake off, Westlake!

I was always the kid with big feet. Mommy wouldn't buy me cool speed skates, so I bumpily rolled along on brown suede with orange wheels. Let's not forget the blaring size "9" on the back. Humiliation:the middle name of middle school Cortney! Couple skate, ha. No one wants a brown footer.

If you wanna hear me gush more about how unbelievable the concert was, you'll just have to call. But seeing the length of this Blog, I'm sure you'll get the idea!

Those rhymes I post at the bottom of the screen are know as my "Rhyzzles of the Dizzles"
Some of you didn't realize this, but now you do, so I don't have to get funny looks when I refer to them like that!

"I been sittin here, cant get you off my mind, I try my best to be a gal and be strong, I drive myself insane wishin I could touch your face, but the truth remains....."

-c.Fo pending-

SONG OF THE DAY: Skee Lo's classic hit, "I Wish"...hey you what's that sound, everybody look what's going down, ah yes, ain't that fresh, everybody wants to get down like that!

This will be my last blog until sometime this weekend! "Why oh why Cortney why must you leave us?" I know is the question all you loyal friends of mine are asking. Because a weekend ain't a weekend without c.Fo. It's like a postcard collection without postcards.

Since I don't have school Friday I'm trucking it on down to College Station tomorrow, and I'm staying at Amie and Lauren's. On Friday I have a dance audition for a competitive dance group at one of the studios in C/S.

Oh but Saturday tops it all! I get paid money pass out magic Hulk cards and Nilla wafers, and play games with little kids, at the Wal Mart in the exotic location of Waco, Texas. When you can't find a job, what do you do? PROMOTIONAL WORK!!!

Anyways, my stupid government prof wore his colors today, telling us that he bleeds orange. It wouldn't bother me that he's a Longhorn, except for the fact that everyone in my class that is a Republican or an Aggie is the devil.
In despite of the indignation I feel towards him, I don't say anything. Instead, I make models of him. Today I used a 20 ounce coke bottle (diet vanilla, what else?) and constructed what I feel is a very close image to what he looks like. It had what it wishes was hair, and it was dang ugly. I saw the resemblance, as did the three girls sitting behind me.

"I used to be smart but that didn't last,
No one believes I was fifth in my class,
Richland is tight cause I do really good,
Makes up for classes in my Aggie hood."

Before I saw farewell, I say "We didn't come to start no trouble, we're just here to do the Superbowl Shuffle!" DEUCE!

-who am i! c.Fo mother mother!-


Song of the Day:...I'll just sing it! "L is for the way you Look at me, O is for the Only one I see, V is Very Very extraordinary, E is Even more than anyone that you adore and LOVE is all that I can give to you, LOVE is more than just a game for two, Two in love can make it, take my heart but please don't break it, LOVE was made for me and you!"

Why do weird men with their windows open ride next to my car when I'm driving? I'm too scared to look over and see what they're looking at. I bet its all the hail damage.....

Today this guy in my government class told my teacher that he looks like celebrity Patrick Stewart, of Star Trek fame. He kinda does I guess, and it was all fun and good until my teacher comes back and says : "You know, I do get told that alot. I was reading in People magazine that he gets asked what it feels like to be a sex symbol at his age."
Apparently, my government professor considers himself a sex symbol. If this guy is a sex symbol, then Weird Al Yankovic is the next Brad Pitt.

*There's nothing cooler than checking your voice mail and hearing a white boy rapping to a made up song about you!*

HOLLA to everyone that had a boring day!

This one's for all my UT fans and students, whom I have recently been unable to put up with, as you have all been extremely annoying. But look where you go to school, its expected....

"The eyes of Texas are upon who now,
Don't ya realize your mascot is just a fat cow,
Not only are those Rice kids smarter than you,
They knocked you down n out in playin baseball too!"

BOOYA!!!! Saw varsity's horns off, DEUCE!

-I am Cortney One, no matta if ya like it-

At my man Rami.
He has nominated C Fizzle, Dirrty C, and C Money for my new name.
Has has also written one of the greatest Blogs of our time, but maybe I'm just biased......
I published three blogs today, counting this one, am I cool or WHAT!!!!
Amie is one of my coolest friends ever....thank the Lord she is an Aggie! (Mostly cause of me) WINK

amieb0930: hey girl
yellocort33: HEY!!
amieb0930: youre stayin with us this weekend right?
yellocort33: yup, thurs and fri night
amieb0930: yeah! and you're gonna wanna go out with us on thursday night right?
yellocort33: well sure!
amieb0930: u can meet my new black friends
yellocort33: yay black people!
amieb0930: i know...i've had a fair share of black people in the last week lol
yellocort33: you're so lucky
amieb0930: i told my new friends that...i was like " I'm going through black people withdrawal"
yellocort33: hahahahha
amieb0930: i deal with black people all day
amieb0930: all the kids at my camp are black
yellocort33: they're so fun!
amieb0930: haha they all are so shocked when i bust out singing a rap song
amieb0930: they asked me today if my daddy was black
yellocort33: i love it!
yellocort33: i cant wait to meet the cool black people!
amieb0930: they're great! haha like tony...by the way...i love your blogspot...i don't know how your mind works but it cracks me up everyday!
yellocort33: thats my goal
yellocort33: did you see my new one i just posted?
yellocort33: my rap is pretty good today!
amieb0930: i'm reading it right now
amieb0930: you're a crazy girl
amieb0930: what are you doing July 4th weekend....we just need to party it up the whole time you're here!
amieb0930: we could get some fireworks
amieb0930: and light them over the lake
yellocort33: i was hoping someone would ask me to do something with fire
amieb0930: haha
amieb0930: you're a nut
amieb0930: it freaks me out when i talk to you cuz you're staring at me
yellocort33: BOO!
yellocort33: i'm watching you.
amieb0930: with that smirk on your face
yellocort33: there's a hidden camera in my buddy icon
yellocort33: you know whats funny?
yellocort33: i took this icon from a friend
yellocort33: he used one of my pictures to make an icon, is that freaky or what!
amieb0930: weird
amieb0930: i'd be kinda scured
yellocort33: you are just pouring with enthusiasm A-dog.
amieb0930: haha I try

I'm gonna see Amie and Lauren this weekend!!!
Song of the Day: "Senorita" by the one, the only Justin Timberlake...."Guys say, It feels like something's heatin up, can I leave wit you, Ladies! I don't know what I'm thinkin bout, really leavin wit you..." The Christina Aguilera/Justin Timberlake tour WILL DEFINITELY be here in Dallas this Thursday night!!!! Guess who's going! Well not me....the most anticipated concert of the summer, and I will be absent when they call the roll of a lifetime.


I added links to Jeff's, Tyler's, and Rami's blogs over there on the right hand side. Jeff is my best friend thats not a girl, Tyler looks like Prince William (no joke girls, I swear), and Rami's my Sig Ep babe.

Holla, its back in school again, 7 more days of this misery and then I start Summa 2. Peeps think I be crazy takin 15 hours during the summer but thats what ya gotta do when you change yo major to something you actually like!

Anything fun happen today...well, I didn't sleep but a couple hours last night.
I've been thinking about someone way too much, and my friend Fear of Rejection is going to give me MANY sleepless nightsfor awhile. Why don't I just take a chance sometimes? Cause I'm a big scare-D-cat, thats why. Somebody special is going to get away from me for the millionth time, but will I say anything? NO. Geez, Cort.
Don't you hate when stuff just eats you up inside, and gets worse when you try not to think about it? UGH. As Rami would say "Shake off me, thoughts!"

We watched a movie in Gov't instead of listening to crazy Liberal talk. The movie was about white and colored people doing horizontal mambo in the 60s and getting arrested for it. Apparently, this Hallmark movie is about Civil Rights!

I did get a lot done today! I laid out, did my crunches (30 pounds to burn, kids), did some homework, and went to hip hop. Man I love my hip hop class, it is so off the hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Pi Phi pal Nikki is in my class now too, yippee!!!!

"I live good, East Coast, West Coast, Worldwide..."
Name that song and I give you a penny. Or two...maybe three? Nah.

"I ain't white, just a blacker shade of pale,
Cancel yo games faster than the XFLs',
Not from the Bronx, not raised on da streets,
I be dat suthern suburb gal wit da funky rap beats!"


-who am I? still c.FO-


Song of the Day: "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing"....."and then I kiss your eyes, and thank God we're together, I just wanna stay with you in this moment forever, and ever and ever and ...." It wins the award for my number one guaranteed to turn to mush song. Everytime I hear it, I wish someone would feel that way about me because that song is so so so so sweet, and I almost cry. You guys didn't think I had all that under this hard exterior huh? You'd be suprised what you don't know kids.....

ANYWAYS!!! I was in College Station today, holla! I had to go for and Aerobic Dance workshop!!!
A fun little man named Scotty taught it!!! But Scotty taught for too long. Scotty liked to dance, and Scotty liked to go 45 minutes over. Scotty was about to be history until my aerobics boss lady told us we'd get paid if we stayed till Scotty finished his schpiel. Thank you Scotty for earning me 6 extra bucks!!!!

Never underestimate what an overexcited male aerobics instructor can do for your checkin account.


Today's suggestions come from a Mister Jeffrey S. of Alberquerque, New Mexico!!!

ILoatheTheLakers: When you can't sleep you come up w/ possible rap names: C-Note, Cort Order, Blonde Bombshell, Cort Case; I personally like C-Note

Thank you Mister Jeffrey! Remember, Cortney needs a new rap star name, help help help!

My sisters are watching Willy Wonka in the next room. Does anyone else think that that Willy guy is putting more than sugar in that candy?

I'm gonna go read some funny emails by Strong Bad at www.homestarrunner.com
If you've never been to that website, I can't tell you how funny it is!!!

"Fast on my feet and smooth wit da rhyme,
Been on tv not one but two time,
Diet Vanilla Coke be my drinkage of choice,
I can rap but don't ask for no good singin voice!"

"hit me baby one more time" DEUCE!

-the artist that's still c.Fo-


I always thought he was different...........

ILoatheTheLakers: u r o sow welkum
Song of the Day: "Crazy in Love"......."got me lookin so crazy right now your love's got me lookin so crazy right now, lookin so crazy in love, got me lookin got me lookin so crazy in love"....I love you Beyonce'!!! You know you my favorite black girl, right?

Today was a fun trip to Frisco to go shopping!!!! I think the best part was convincing my mom to take the toll road. We DO have a toll tag, but she insists on stopping at every tollbooth just to MAKE SURE the light will turn green. Sometimes you just gotta shake your head and *sigh*....when did parents become so naiive? Makes em even easier to love!

Other than that, it was an uneventful day! I cooked me some dinner later on, and I am making popsicles out of orange soda in the freezer right now. And if anyone makes fun of me for staying home on a Friday and a Saturday night, I will once again remind the general public that I was waiting on three people to call me to do something both nights. BOO YA!

"Guys like you make my eyes see,
It ain't so bad to be just plain me,
No other person needed on which to rely,
Like NSYNC I be sayin' bye-bye-bye!"

-the arteest formerly known as c.Fo-

Song of The Day: "That's The Way I Like It"...KC and the Sunshine Band (whispered from the side of my mouth, Goldmember style)....the Finale song from my fav new summer musical, "From Justin to Kelly" !!!!!!

Last night best roomie in the world, aka KATIE!!!! came over! We went to eat at Bahama Breeze, this kickbutt Carribean restaurant in Frisco. You guys should go sometime...but DON'T call first.

Why? Cortney's conversation with the Bahama Breeze phone answering guy, lets call him Reggae Ron:
Reggae Ron:(overexcited)Bahama Breeze! How may I serve YOU today!!!!!!!!!!!
Cortney:Hi, where exactly are y'all located on Preston?
Reggae Ron:On Preston!!!!
Cortney:(politely) Yes, but what intersection are you near?
Reggae Ron: No intersection, just Preston!!!!!!
Cortney:(clenching teeth) Are you close to anything?
Reggae Ron: Well, we're near the corner of Preston and 121!!!!!!!
Cortney: (pre-burst of every blood vessel) Well THANK YOU!!!!
Phone: SLAM!!!!

But yeah we still did go to the restaurant. Our waitress suggested everything on the menu to us, because we made the mistake of telling her that we'd never been there before! We rejected every drink, appetizer and dessert...all we wanted was dinner! Don't ya hate it when that happens?

Anyways, we left and came home, there was nothing to do last night, unfortunately. Her friends were not into doing much, all my friends were being boring, so we just spent the rest of the night giggling. Pretty much the story of our life! We have fun chilling, or just watching a movie. Now if we could find dudes like that......nah! NEVAH!

Woke up early this morning, got in a good breakfast and shower, and took the girls to see a movie!!!!
From Justin to Kelly:
Very funny because people would start randomly singing and dancing at the same time.....kinda forgot that it was a musical, but I highly doubt it will be hitting (or missing) Broadway very soon!!! If you love J&K, this movie's great! If you don't, and you hate musicals, get the heck out of Brooklyn if you know what's good for you!

Last night I played Katie all the CD's I burned myself with my new Cd burner! She said that she likes to hang out around me because I keep her up on her hip hop. You hear that people? I am a HIP HOP QUEEN! Don't be skared!

Anyways, I laid out on the balcony today to try and get some sun. I ended up falling asleep, having more dreams of meeting Ludacris. When I woke up, I was sweating, and the sun was on its way down, way way down! I freaked out cause I forgot where I was and it didn't feel like I had a shirt on! (Maybe cause I was in a swimsuit, duh!) Anyways, I thought I was topless and almost fell off the chair trying to get up. DORK! :)

Sarah's friend Alyssa is staying here with us for a few days, so I helped them make gifts for drill team camp tonite! I also walked with Daddy, and made Kroger brand gelatin. NOT JELLO! Ya hear!

I'm going to College Station on Sunday for an aerobics workshop, so If anyone wants to go hang out from 12-3, lemme know!!!

Sorry such a boring day, kids!

"C, O, R to the T,
What's that you hearing?
Kid, that's me!
Spitting those rhymes like freakin Mother Goose,
When they see me dancing,
Itsa big ol white caboose!"

-the artist still still formerly known as c.Fo-


Song of the Day: "Magic Stick" by Lil Kim and 50 Cent...."1 minute 6 seconds"....doesn't take long to figure out what that song's about, look at the title, geez!

My government dork sent me home with a message for all you exotic animal lovers today. He said to quit buying them because they're giving us monkey pox. And I know you're saying "Ok Cortney, is that all?" Well yeah it is. But you weren't the one that got to sit there and listen to him talk about it for 45 minutes. Dang Monkey Pox!

Therefore, I'm blaming all overseas countries for the fatigue I'm having after dragging myself out of that lecture.

And by the way, sorry you guys don't have as cool of a roommate as I do!

"I may not be pretty or have lots of money,
But I'm always a real sweet honey,
Guys don't call and gals don't envy,
c.Fo's got tha friends in life, and that's plenty."

I'm not that innocent...DEUCE!

-the artist STILL formerly known as c.Fo-

So remember my subprofile that used to work? HA! Well, no more!!!
It was full of fun antics, given to me by my room mate Katie. Let me tell about Katie. She is one of my best friends at school, and also lives with me at the sorority house. We like to call our room the "box", because it literally is. We don't have closets, oh no, we have wardrobes. And since we both made officer, we get to live there again next year!!!! Katie is a beautiful, very smart, friendly, happy, loving Christian girl whom I love with all my heart.

IT's a shame you all don't know her.....but you will.

Today I was lucky enough to get some MSGS from HER!!!! Here goes the AOL....

KCleaveland83: hey sweet roomie! I'm up at my momma's office filling in for the receptionist! Whoop! (Sarcasm...intense sarcasm) Hope all is well ---- call me and we can do something like tonight or tomorrow or whatever!!!

Auto response from yellocort33: At school !!!

KCleaveland83: p.s. i have never laughed so hard as when i was reading your blog---i mean literally almost peed my pants---not very professional eh?
KCleaveland83: i'm going to keep writing you dorky little messages---that way when you get home you have a plethora
KCleaveland83: Would you say that i have a plethora of pinatas?
KCleaveland83: heheheh
KCleaveland83: lalala i hate working here lalala answering phone is drear lalala i miss my c.fo lalala even if she's a hoe ( OOOOH!!!!!~~~ from my imaginary Jerry Springer crowd)
KCleaveland83: ps i'm talking to kelly doan and she made out with tim bailey ah hahahaha

Auto response from yellocort33: At school !!!

KCleaveland83: oh goodness that girl cracks me up
KCleaveland83: yeah so i'm still at work
KCleaveland83: just working it you know
KCleaveland83: working working working answering a few phones working working working
KCleaveland83: haha ok i think that's enough....peace out fool---talk to you fo shizzle
KCleaveland83: in a little bizzle

Do you know anyone that sends YOU a plethora of HILARIOUS messages? I bet not.....and for those of you that haven't seen Three Amigos, get your act together.

Props to Kelly for making out with Tim Bailey, who happens to be a YELL LEADER, HOLLA! Guess him and his gf broke up? :)


Song of the Day: "Throw Dem 'Bows" by Ludacris, of course. I never really appreciated what great flava that song had till I listened to it today in the heavy traffic on the way to my skool. "Cadillac grills, Cadillac bills, check out the oil my Cadillac spills....."

I preceded to have a fantasy about meeting Luda. Wanna hear? Here it goes.
LC:"Hey, you're a good dancer."
Cort:"I know, Cris."
LC:"You're nice, too. Do you wanna be in my next video and be the first white girl to sign on my new label?"
LC:"What's your rap handle gonna be?"

And thats where the fantasy ended folks!!! I have NO rap handle. c.Fo is my nickname...but what I'm gon do when j.Lo figures out that jacked it from her? She's gon act a fool! So here's what I'm gon do.......ASK FOR HELP!

I need a rap star name!!!

And here's something fun I thought about today....
Coach accessories are cute, classy, stylish, great quality, not cheap, attainable after some time, go with everything, are fun to be seen with, and start with the initial C. If you haven't figured it out by now...they're just like me!!! :)

It's been a long day, and it's gonna get longer, so I better FLY...

Happy 22nd Birthday to Clint today, all of yous that know him better give him a shout out, ya hear?

I love you guys....call me sometime, k?

"Supreme CORT decides the case, she can't never be replaced,
and if you down to ride, then come sit CORTside,
she'll show you what it takes to be a big balla,
hit up her cell, and maybe she'll just callya!"

Nobody eva talk bad bout tha Dirty Souf!

-the artist formerly known as c.Fo-


Hello again!!! Yes I survived the concert, and boy do I have a story or two to tell....however, it will have to wait until the blessed Song of the Day: "Here We Go" by Grits..."he feel it she feel it we feel it, so round and round we go, he feel it she feel it we feel, OH here we go!"

I must say I am thoroughly suprised that Mister Stotts has not blogged about his beloved Tupac, when yesterday was his brithday man! What are you gonna do on his death brithday man? I was thinking we could attach dynamite to his surfboard and.....wait I'm thinking of a movie...QUICK!! Name that movie!

SO! Who wants to hear how awesome the Chili Peppers concert was last night! Well here's a dainty little recap.

First Me, Richard, Nick Enwright, and his gf Korinna went to get some grub and we plunged into nasty rush hour traffic. Peppers or bust! Anyway, we're in line to to get into the parking lot and some dumb idiotic girl decides that she's gonna reverse. We couldn't move, due to the line behind us, and by the time we honked at her. her dang Blazer was sitting on top of our Saturn sedan. All she could say was "Oh, I didn't mean to do that!" She left with tiny scratches, we got a huge dent in the hood of the car.

But did that spoil anything! NO! We went inside to get our seats! Row "L" ended up being 8 rows back from the stage! I could see everything! 4 of Rich's friends met up with us all and we took out seats!

Snoop Dogg went first, along with his entourage of 20 people. All the girls in front were asked to come up on stage, and can y'all believe it? I completely chickened out! There were just too many scary dudes up there! They were even doing drugs on stage. By the way...Supafly looks like a pimp fo shizzle!

Then came RHCP! They were so awesome! I yelled and sang and danced. They put on an amazing show, and I actually knew most of the songs!!! My favorite was when they played "Under the Bridge" because me and Daddy used to sing that together when I was 8. Memories....

After trudging back to the car through the huge parking lot and admitting defeat, we decided it would be fun to hurl left over beer bottles into oblivion. There is nothing more satisfying then listen to glass shatter, watching it explode, knowing that you won't get hurt, or caught!

Fun don't stop there! After the show, we waited out back by the tour buses for two hours. What did we get? A glimpse of their faces as they pulled away....not even a wave or an acknowledgement. If I was famous, I'd be all about doing autographs. They don't realize how much money it makes em! But I guess after 20 years, you get tired.

I would like to pay tribute to my friend Ben Stahl. The first song the Peppers sang was a song he taught me the lyrics to in seventh grade, and he sings em the best. "What I got you got to give it to your dog and then you do a little dance and you drink a little water.." I would also like to point out that Ben Stahl's truck is residing in my neighborhood down the street! WHO LIVES THERE? This I would like to know!

HAHA!!!! Total disrespect abounds today in my government class, because I got caught doing a crossword puzzle during lecture, PLUS I got called out for it. I tried to tell him he wasn't interrupting me, but he still made me put it away. Dang Liberal.

Not much else was on today. I was tired from last night so I napped it up today. I rarely take maps anymore! And if you are an Aggie with me, you know I be nappin like it be gon' outta style!!!

But now I gots to go, a paper awaits!

"The Spurs are on top, and thats okay, Dirk was hurt and thats the only reason why they stayed;
the Mavs are the greatest of all around, in 2004 its about to go down!"

Tell me whose a Mavericks fan, DEUCE!



Song of the day: "California Love", "I Ain't Mad At Cha", "How Do U Want It" all in honor of Tupac's b-day. Tune it to 97.9, they're playing a tribute!!!

Sorry I haven't blogged all weekend!!! My Comcast "always on" cable internet connection is never on. Remember, the phrase "always on" or "always connected" is an oxymoron.

Anyways! Tonight I'm going to see Chili Peppers and Snoop Dogg in Concert at the Smirnoff Center! Y'all get ready for a story when I get back.....makes me remember going to see 311 when I was 14. I had never been around drunk people before, and I was worried about alcohol getting on my overalls and flannel shirt....I wonder what I'm gonna have to worry about tonight!!! HAHA!

This was a fun weekend! On Saturday I went shopping with my mom and little sister for a loooooong time! Then I went over to Jeff's to see a bunch of people I've missed....RAMI of course, Tyler, Andrew, Evan, etc. Then my room mate Katie calls! She was house sitting in Dallas and was scared, so the wonderful person that I am grabbed her pj's and drove out there to stay the night! We watched Emma till we fell asleep and she gave me my bday present!!! A lookalike Louis Vuitton bag, the spring print!!! I like to call it my "Gooey Vuitton".

Sunday I came back home for Happy Father's Day! We gave my dad a card and a CD visor. In May I gave him an autographed baseball from the Texas A&M Baseball Team, so it was his early present. We didn't do much but cook this chicken my dad wanted. Ever have Jamaican jerk chicken! ITs actually nice, not a jerk at all.

BOO YA!!!!

I'll write more when feel the urge, the urge to blurge!!!
love to y'all and deuce!


"C.Fo in the crowd, rockin to the Dogg, Snoop on stage, flowin wit da song, chicks start frontin, C.Fo don't take it, C.Fo busts a move and end up on da stage YEAH! :)


I forgot a shout out!!!

"S like in Sam, T like in Tom......"
Anyone remember this? ;-)
Hello to all my Vitamin G's!

Song of the Day: "Say My Name"....you actin' kinda shady, ain't calling me baby, BETTA say my name.

Another day has passed, and here I am, bloggin it up. I'm reading old notes from my middle school note shoeboxes. If you guys didn't pass OR recieve notes in middle school, you missed out. Notes were all the rage. If you weren't one of us, chances you weren't cool. Guess what? A middle school teacher's top two hated objects: chewing gum, and NOTES!!! :)

Since I don't have school Fridays, I was productive. I did dishes and laundry, started to make a jean skirt, and hung out with one of my friends. Fun stuff kiddos!!!

I've been thinking a lot about all you guys who are asking girls out on dates. After listening intently to my gal pals, watching TV, and thinking, I've got some dating advice for guys. Everything you need to know, so you won't look like an idiot on your next date.

*Rules of Dating Project, compiled and edited for time by c.Fo*
1-Don't contact her within a week of the first date and ask where she sees the relationship heading. She doesn't even know you........what relationship are YOU talking about?
2-Don't ask her what she wants to do. Be a freakin man and plan it out yourself. Her only responsibility is looking pretty and being somewhat on time.
3-Don't be all clingy to her. Be a sweet gentleman, and be yourself, but save your dirty and dumb jokes for someone else!
4-If you dare make her pay anything, or even ask her for money, even change...be prepared to be dismissed!
5-In the car, the music selection should always be planned out...know what she likes to listen to ahead of time. There is nothing more embarassing on your part that saying, "I know you'll love this", turning on the song, singing it so loud, and her either not knowing the song, or even better, hating the song.
6-The number of awkward silences equals the number of times she'll not pick up the phone when she sees your number on the caller id.
7-Don't try to go all out. Then she'll expect a big show from then on out, and we don't want that now do we?
8-Don't ask her what she's gonna wear. Its a surprise!
9-If your plans fall through, go with it. There is nothing better than a guy who can pull off a plan B.
10-I don't care how much money you spent, it ain't buying you a kiss unless she's feeling it.

Whew, now that was exhausting. Keep sending me your comments and complaints and I will keep the men of America posted.

-Signing off, this is the one, the only, c.Fo-
"I got mo ice than the freezer at 7 Eleven, my smile sends brothas straight up to Heaven,
spilling rhymes so fresh cause I em picked myself, c.Fo gon change yo world like nobody else!"


Song of the day: "Overprotected"......Say hello to the girl that I am....you're gonna have to see through my perspective.

I have realized that being an old fashioned good ol girl is not goin over so well....guess y'all will just get to DEAL WITH IT! :)

Aside from Garland turning into Monsoon City, not a lot went on today. I went to school, got out of both classes early, and ate lunch.
When I got home my little sister Emily was freaking out. She was alone during the storm, so when I got there I felt really bad for her. So I did what any dorky older sister would do. I lit us a candle in case the lights went out, and we got out the board games!!!!

Might I add that even though a 12 year old beat me in "Clue" everytime, however a certain 20 year old kicked butt in Trivial Pursuit for Juniors!!!!

And that's about all that happened....wow...sorry this is so boring!!!

Thought of the Day: How you be accusing someone of never calling you, when you know full well that you ain't called them either!!! DEUCE!



Song of this day? "This Is How We Do It".....South Central does it like NOBODY does!

In the tradition of TOP FIVE lists I made one up today in government class.

(1) For the first time in two weeks, Professor Wolfson wore a different polo...not the UTD one, not the Longhorns one, oh today he wore a black polo with the words "Grill Doctor" on the right hand side....no wonder no one's caught onto his style, he's moving too fast for us younguns!

(2) Professor Wolfson's favorite word is "Soporific". He made all of us learn what it means: sleep inducing. Fairly ironic, doncha think?

(3) Professor Wolfson's Phrase of The Week: "If you know what I mean, and I think you do!"

(4) In the middle of talking about lobbyists, he blurts out "Does Gucci make suits?" Sounds like SOMEBODY needs a lesson from the Big Tymers!

(5) In a moment of boredom, I glanced around my class to behold the most extensive collection of doodling masterpieces I've ever seen. And he thought we were all taking notes!!! Makes me even prouder of my 2 best works today : "Cup of Joe" and "Freaky Ghost with Flippers".

Onto other fun news!!! I went up to officer camp to see my gals last night! I sure do miss everyone...especially Traci and Sarah. But it sounds like officer camp went off way smooth, and I'm proud of everyone!

After class I went to go see "Finding Nemo" with the g dawgs and the sistas! It was way cute, and action packed!!!

MY ROOMMATE KATIE IS HOME FROM EUROPE!!!! I was SOOOOOOOO glad to hear her voice on the phone today. She called me in the middle of class and I wanted to answer it so bad, but I had to wait!!! Luckily, she'll be in Dallas until the beginning of July so rejoice everyone, my best girl is home!!!

I have to type two papers tonight....BLAH. But I'm still going to hip hop because talent doesn't stay real if you ain't polished it in awhile.

Here's a thought for you guys to ponder tonight: Being in love is like hearing your favorite song come on the radio. You can't get enough of it. You are overjoyed when its there, wanting it when its gone. You turn up the volume so loud that your ears almost burst, but you don't care. But there's always a time when you finally have to turn the music down......

Hasta la vista...until tomorrow my friends!


I like to Blog in the middle of the day, hay!

Song of the Day: "Act A Fool".....your new name is fire cause we just stomped you out!

So I went to hip hop class last night at that so so SO cool studio in Dallas..I love it there! In a couple weeks a guy named Roger thats touring with Justin Timberlake AND did all of his choreography is going to teach a class...I can't wait!!! Watch out worls, here comes the hip hop Queen C!

Its amazing that no matter what is going on in my life...and no matter how crummy life can sometimes be...Dancing is like medicine. It takes away all the hurt, pain, disappointment, and fear I have of anything. Wanna see he true me? Watch my eyes when I dance!

Anyways, I played b-ball after hip hop last night with some of my guy friends. 1 girl, 4 white guys, and 1 black dude. Who do they have me guard? The black dude. Need I remind you folks that I am a five foot four, blonde hair, blue eyed girl whose only 2 points scored in her whole basketball career were for the other team....GO CYCOS!

I was sittin in my WEIRD freshman english class today and I realized that I am one of three white people in my 25 person class. Also make that one of three that speak fluent english. I am also the only white girl! Who knew that Richland would be a cultural experience!!

Another tidbit to add to my REMEMBER WHEN file (If you haven't seen it yet, just ask me)
Today a girl asked me for a piece of gum...remember in middle school when the "cool" people mooched gum off of the little people, like it was our duty to provide them with chewing slash breath sustenance everyday? And we always let em. Well today I fought against middle school Cortney and I told cool girl "No." Plus I only had one piece of gum left....and it is for ME!

Victor Morales, the Texas politician who almost beat Phil Gramm for his seat in the US Senate came to talk to my government class today. I don't recall much of his talk, mostly because it was slightly political, about giving money to politicians and whatnot. I'll tell you what I do remember!!! He sang "I'm sorry mama, I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to make you cry but tonight I'm cleaning out my closet," and then went off into a rift of "gibberish" and then ended with a version of "I'm sorry Mrs. Jackson". Pretty impressive huh? Nice break from freaky deeky gov't prof.....did I mention that he wears the same two shirts every other day. Today he wore his UTD Finance and Economics Club polo.....and tomorrow it will be the Texas Longhorns polo. Anyone wanna come in this bet? :)

Plans for tonight: chores, dinner, dance, and some b-ball. The life of champions.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Finding Nemo with my sisters and grandparents all you jealous, jealous people you!!!!

Deuce! - c.Fo


Sorry its been so long kiddos! Now I gotsta think back to whats been happenin since Thursday!!

Good news! I auditioned at the start of May for the dance program and I got in! I am now officially a dance minor at Texas A&M, WHOOP!!!

Aside from being so excited about that, I haven't really been up to all that much! I watched the MTV movie awards, and can I just say that JT and SWS were makin my laugh my booty off! After that I went and watched Super Troopers with Jeff and Andrew and Andrew's woman! :) It was good times!

Friday, let's see! I went with the fam and my g-dawgs to go eat at Applebee's and then we went and rented 2 movies : Drumline and A Guy Thing! Out of 5 stars, DL gets 5, AGT gets 2. I don't really wanna watch that one again, it doesn't do Julia Stiles or Jason Lee ANY justice!

This weekend I visited Shreveport with Jeff for the first time ever! I took a 5 minute tour of Centenary College cause hey folks, thats how long it takes! Then we went over to Ashlie and Amy's apartment and ate crawfish. They were way little, yo, and really dirty. YUM! Then we went and hung at at Luke's until Diddy came in town. Once he got there we went and chilled at the Theta Chi house with a bunch of Jeff's bros. I would name em all, but I'm afraid I would forget someone and that would make me feel horrible! Anyways, they were way nice and down to earth guys. It made me miss my pals!
I think the best part of the trip was stopping at Wendy's on the way home......all I can say is....don't put the Ludacris Word of Mouf CD in right when you pull up to the pickup window...the helpful employee might get more than a thank you, if you know what I MEAN!!!!!

I think that's the hardest I've laughed since Dibo fell over backwards in at Eric's apartment in Los Angeles.

It's so weird being at a school where there's only 1000 students.....when I go to a school with 45,000. There's good and bad things about both, but I gotta show my love for Aggieland. I liek being a little fish in a big pond....its kinda fun knowing there's about 44,700 people I have a chance to get to know!

**I miss my friends back home in CS!**
Shout out to my soul sister Raba, who sent me a way wonderful email replay today.
There's something about getting mail back from a best bud to make the day that much brighter..... :)

School is so-so. Very, very, very boring. Today the teach in my gov't class made me stand up and talk and I didn't have a word to say! Talk about embarassing, literally. Finally after grunting for a couple seconds he let me sit down....there goes my A!

Song of the day? Definitely "Pimp Juice" oooh oooh ooooh..........I think I gotta cut him loose, YES I DO!


Finally getting to bed! I fell asleep so early last night and tonight I stayed up singing and dancing with my little sister and my mom, go figure! Anyways, this one goes out to all my Homies in Bruge. HEHE! J/K

English started at 9:40 today, as it will everyday for the next month! We watched an Iranian movie about women growing up....tear, tear. Then we had to write a paper about it, which I whipped out in under 2 hours, at about 1000 words. Small problem, its supposed to be 500, but if he's not countin, neither am I folks!

Then I went to Government, and he assigned discussion groups......I call em fun groups. Every one in my group #1 is chill, its all girls too! Thats good, means we'll get work done, uh huh!!

I went to Grapevine tonight to have dinner with my favorite HTE gals Sarah G and Traci. We were havin a superfun time till I reached down to cut my chicken and poof, the plate landed in my lap, along with all its friends, being the food. So I got a whole new dinner for free. Can't believe they lat that one slide!!! So I gave a good, good tip, I swear, biggest one I've ever laid out, in cash I might add! Anyways we had a lot of fun and laughs. Turns out all three of us are single, but I'm the only one who got dumped. Go figure! They're gettin ready to start dance camps like I wish I was doing, and I'm just trying to get through an entire summer of S-C-H-O-O-L!

As I was trying to get on the highway, some high school kids tried to roll down their window and get my number....HINT: If you want attention, wear your black Coach hat when you go places, people will either think you're stylin, or just be glad that they dont gotta see your nappy hair.

Today WAS a nappy hair day for me.

Song of the Day : "Right There" is off the heezy but I can't figure out what the group's name is...a little help kids!!!

Want to say thanks to my dad for making me 16 cups of strawberry banana of Kroger brand gelatin today. Notice how I didn't say "JELL-O"....why? Because I can't give props where props aren't due.

And I'm spent!


HAHA! My friend stood me up for dinner tonight and they just called to tell me that they are so "sorry" and they're such a "tool". I did what every good friend would do, and I agreed.
I'm starting a Blog too!!! A lot of my friends do this, especially Jeffrey, so I wanna do it too! Here I jump onto the Blog bandwagon!