HOWDY! It’s Tuesday morning and I’m postin 2 journals @ the moment.

Yesterday in tech writing he called the roll and we got to answer with out favorite fruit. Once again he told me “Cortney, I am really surprised that you are doing as well as you are on these assignments!”
And I remain a bit offended.

Got my grades this morning!! Good news, pulled out with 2 B’s and the rest A’s and a 3.7, my highest GPA ever! Yay for a boost in the cumulative region!

After a wonderful class of learning more ridiculous vocabulary and writing a claim letter to a company about the safety of a stuffed animal in metal spike décor, I headed out to the mall.
I hate the mall at the holidays, but the Santa out there was so real. So lifelike. Rosy cheeks and a bowlful of jelly…a beard as white as snow!

And so I picked my new dream job. I wanna be that elf that takes pictures of Santa and the screaming kiddies! How fun would that be?

I came home and we all divided up into rooms to wrap each other presents, even though my sisters had hand picked everything they were getting. So this brings me to a thought. Instead of wasting that cool paper, why don’t we just NOT wrap the stuff and just stick it under the tree. And the clothes? Hang them ON the tree. Merry Holidays!

Glad to say I’ve talked to Mark, Katie, Jeff, Rami, and Nat since I’ve been home. I got lots of phone callas to make, though.

After dinner last night my mom talked us into watching an Ann Jillian movie on Lifetime, dang it! I was sucked in to the heart wrenching tale and let out cries of frustration at each commercial break!! Why why why!

I talked to Michael and told him I named one of the Santa cookies after him. It’s a sunburned color with freckles, just like he told me he gets in the sun. I wonder if he thought it was weird I did that?

Jeffrey came over too and we watched Patches get his head almost stuck in Jeff’s Nikes.
I showed him one of the coolest presents I’ve ever gotten, that he would appreciate, and that Katie with loathe: EVERY Beavis and Butthead episode in a 6 DVD set! BOO YAH! (Thank you Sean!!! You are unbelievably awesome!!!!)

Sorry so long and not particularly interesting. Maybe better later.

Oh yeah and the Internet? The software fried our computer so, BLEH!

December 22, 2003

I’m back, mostly ‘cause the Internet did not arrive in the mail yet, so this is postin’ from schoolio.

Can you believe Christmas is not too far away! And it is unfortunately 70 frickin’ degrees outside.

Tonight the sis and me made Santa cookies! A joyful confection of vanilla sugar cookies, covered in frosty white icing, a cap made of red, pink, or purple sparkly sprinkles, a marshmallow cap topper, semisweet chocolate chip morsels of eyes, m&m noses, and a fluffy shredded coconut beard.
Not that these cookies weren’t cute enough, I decided that they needed to be more politically correct!
Say hello to the “Santas of the World” cookie collection.
And they all have names. The Hispanic one is “Santa Cristo”, the Asian one is “Santa Chong”, and the African – American one is “Ol’ Dirrrty Nick”
I took pics, don’t you worry!

Deep Thoughts…by Cortney: “Have you ever noticed that your favorite part of an older movie that you can quote till the cows come home is the part that either no one remembers, or that no one thought was funny?”

Quote o’ the Day, compliments of my 15 year old sister and newest baking buddy, Sarah: “I love Almond Joys. I take out the almond, and eat the joy.”

And I thought hmm…wouldn’t she just be better off with a Mounds? What a cute little goof, that girl!

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 5: Over 6 foot!



UPDATE! I got a 100 on the grammar test...BOO YAH!
Oh soo bored so very very bored.

I'm taking a break from class - we've been outlining every chapter in the book for the past two and a half hours. I got ahead at home so I could play on the Internet during class. We just took a test over grammar, yay.
I actually don't think I did so hot, but a C in the class won't kill me. All it will do is destroy my 3.8 gpa here at good ol RCC.

Since we are talking vocabulary as well as grammar, I thought I'd use one of my new words: "EPIPHANY"
I had an "EPIPHANY" this morning when I realized that most red-light runners, especially the big blue Ford I saw today, have really jacked up vehicles with dents and dings galore. I wonder why? der.

Oh well, life here is life. I don't like coming home without my College Station support group because it's back to the depressing life of my mother complaining about my dad, my dad always being "busy' with something 24/7, and the both of them trying to get me to take a side. I wish they were just divorced already.
And my poor sisters. Since I've been home my mom tries to find ways to get me to take them out of the house or off her hands.

I'm saying this right here right now:
I am NEVER getting divorced.
I am NEVER going to let my worry of money issues affect the way I treat my children.
Hold me to that.

Sorry about not being on the "up and up" but I think it's cause I've been here alone for a few days. Ready for the G-Town peeps to get back!

Yay for fun phone calls from Mike and Sean. Good stuff!

I love you all!!!!!


So yeah! I’ve been gone a long time and have a perfectly wonderful reason why! My abode in G-town has no Internet! But it will in 5-10 business days because I ordered my mom dial up. I know it works awful, but hey, we all know how no Internet sucks!

Anyways! I got done with finals last Friday and chilled! Friday night we went to a Christmas party for Squadron 3 and then I went to meet Richard for dinner and Ben-no for coffee. Last minute goodbyes!
Saturday I slept in a relaxed, hehe, and then went over to Ben R’s fo’ dinna. He made us some mighty fine burgers and even let us munch on pretzels and old tortilla chips! I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with Michael and then came home to pack till I fell asleep.

Sunday I headed back home ‘cause I had to get ready to start school on Monday! I still haven’t unpacked, but I will…laundry’s coming along slowly too.

So let me tell y’all about this coo tech writing class I’m takin’ up at the community college. My prof gets off topic about every two seconds, which is why I think he insists on keeping us all 12 days for all four hours. After asking about 6 of us if we smoked weed, he pulled out his badge! That’s right, he’s a Dallas County cop!
Then, we picked partners and filled out interview sheets. The last question read, “Have you ever hidden in a spider hole?”
He then proceeded to draw a diagram of stick Saddam in his hole for all the class to see!

He also wore a fun t-shirt to school yesterday, that proudly reads “Texas A&M Tri Delt” across the front and back. Apparently all he teaches during wintermester are Aggies, so he likes us! There’s 10 people total in my class, and 6 of us are Ags, but I’m the only girl one, and a non-senior at that.

Talk about busy work galore! We spend the first two hours of class “outlining” the chapters in our textbook. To keep myself entertained I’ve been surfing the ‘net since I don’t have it at home. I even found a ghetto version of instant messenger that doesn’t require downloading any software.

Today I succeeded in getting the “Cop Prof” off topic. I kept looking at the burned out light above me while he talked about grammar. He asked me about it, and then went off into this story about how when one light goes out….they all go out…and then comes the scary man with the torch and the knife!

Who is this guy?!

Today I went to put in my availability at Express Men, because its not called Structure anymore…yay for money to pay sorority dues!
I also made my appearance at the middle school choir concert. I have been to that show since I was 12 years old because my two younger sibs and me were all in the same choir. It was…well, almost as good as the days that me, Jeff, Ben, Justin, Tyler, etc. ran the place.

Someone dear to my heart got engaged tonight, and I can’t wait for everyone to find out!!!

Trivia Reminder of the Day:
Cortney’s Four Favorite Words of 2003 are: Plethora; Buttercup; Picatta; and reDIRKulous.
Use ‘em in a sentence near you.

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 15: Always smells good

Wears a short-sleeved sweater resembling a Mexican blanket with tapered stonewash jeans and loafers without socks.
And then flashes ME the “look”
(Maybe the chick sippin on the Hate-o-rade in my t.w. class)

This is hella long, so I’m gon say “CUT”
Let’s twist the shizzy up and get all freaky deaky!

I’ll be back, preferably in less than 5-10 business days!


Today was TSD: “ Total Study Domination”
I sat up at IHOP from 8pm to 1 am…. half the time was spent reading for my sociology of sport final, one fourth making people observations and journal notes, and one fourth downing 3 pots of all you can drink coffee, a ham and cheese omelet, and Harvest Grain & Nut hotcakes. One day I shall conquer the addiction to the scrumptious breakfast morsels at the International House…but until then, I shall be chubby.

I did find something very kickass, and very true in my chapter on collegiate sports.
“Many university teachers live entirely in the tiny, incestuous, self-enclosed world of academia and haven’t the faintest idea what goes on outside of it, even on their own campuses. Many college teachers have a very limited frame of reference. They can tell you on what day of the week the Treaty of Utrecht was signed, or the name of Jonathan Swift’s maid, but they have no idea who Oprah Winfrey or Danielle Steel or Bo Jackson is. Solution: Pity the poor isolated soul.” – S. Edelstein
That’s what I’m talking about.

I have a feeling that quote’s a bit old, because about all BO KNOWS about now is infomercials.
But its still kickass.

Today was ok, we had a thing @ the Rec from 5-8, and I had to do stuff all day, blah blah blah.
Last night, however was a blast!
As you all I know, I attended my first not sorority date party ever! Michael took me to dinner @ Carino’s, then we went and hung out with his pledge bros at his house, and then we headed over to the frat house. They had built this huge pit in the party barn, and it was filled with mattresses and Styrofoam packing peanuts!! There was a live band, a bonfire in the back, and about 6 or 7 of my sistas were there. Michael and I had a blast. What a cool idea!
The only thing better would be a swimming pool full of strawberry banana JELL-O, take note. That is a goal of mine that someday I will achieve.

WHO DOES THAT? Part Quince
Wears the t-shirt BEFORE the crush party?

Random Realization of the Day: I wear headphones so not to wake my roommate up when I am jamming away on the computer. Then I realize as I shuffle through my desk drawers that I am being extremely loud because I can’t hear myself shuffling BECAUSE I have the headphones on in the FIRST place. Headphones are made to protect others from hearing your personal comfort level of noise…. and they fail miserably.

Cortney’s Perfect Man, #3: Strong and genuinely loving family

Cortneyisms of the Day (wow, 2!):
It’s not the reflection of the mirror, but the reflection of the heart.
A true friend is someone that you’d give even your social security number to, no questions asked.

“We built this city…we built this city on rock and roll!”


Is it Chanukah yet? Apparently it is at one of the sorority houses, maybe they’re all Jewish.

Speaking of Chanukah, that may be one of my most unfavorite words. How do you spell it? Chanukah or Hanukkah? I used to think they were different words because they’re spelled different but apparently they’re said the same. This is the same problem I have with two other words. Is it theater, or theatre? Is it color, or colour, or coleur? Why can’t we all just spell everything normal?

Because then my name would be spelled with a “U” and I’d no longer have the cool spelling of “C-O-R-T-N-E-Y!!!”
Like Emeril I say BAM!

OOH-WEE, day of fun times!
I had a class and I got my grades, so far I’m making A’s in 7 hours worth of classes, out of 15, so I should do okay this semester!
I came home to work on my paper that I recently finished and Mark and Katie decided to surprise the heck out of me for Christmas!!!
I was talking to Mark on the AOL, and he told me he had a secret. Katie came home and goes “Look under the Christmas Tree downstairs!” So I skipped down to our big ol Pi Phi tree in the dining room to find two big boxes, wrapped in Batman (that was Mark’s) and Finding Nemo paper (Katie’s).
I have the patience of a five year old so I opened them right away. Can I just say that these two kids know me better than anyone? They bought me this hip hop Barbie doll that I did promotions for this summer. Her name is P.Bo, and wow, it’s a ghetto doll! I also got the cool graffiti jean jacket set and Mark got me the “STREET ROD”. It’s a hot pink Barbie car that looks straight out the Fast and the Furious, and even has a navigation system!!

It was one of those moments where you are so happy and excited that you just squeak over and over!

Tonight I handed down my officer position to Laura, and let me say, I trained her well. She recited a lovely little poem. My biggest goal for RME was to make an impact on something, somewhere in our chapter. I think I changed that officer position forever, and I couldn’t feel prouder.

However, people think that since I am no longer RME that I will not continue to be the “Parodaire Extraordinaire.” This is a rumor. I’ve only just begun. I’ve even gotten approached to appear at parties and what not. Give me the topic, I got ya covered. And I don’t charge. How do you put a price on creative domination? You don’t, folks.

You may donate to the “Cortney Wants a Pair of Manolo Blahniks” Fund, if you feel the urge, the urge to splurge.

WHO DOES THAT? Part Quattro’
Opens a packet of pink stuff, AKA Sweet N Low, uses half, and puts it back into the bowl.
When you go over to get your own packet, you pick it up, only to find sugar substitute flowing out.
Come on, now…

Rhyzzle o’ the Dizzle is BACK!:
This Christmas when I head back home,
There is but one thing I need,
I already have the family,
And a great big cat, indeed.
My momma, she could buy me gifts,
But what I’d rather have instead,
Is a plethora of cranberry sauce, turkey, and stuffing,
To make the ultimate Thanksgiving-On-Bread.

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 12: Clean-shaven!

Cortneyism of the Day: 100 percent talent is 90 percent passion.

Random Paradox of the Day: How come the boys that you have a crush on only see you as a “friend” and the boys that you see as “friends” have a crush on you? Do the stars ever align and things actually work out?

“So tell your friend Veronica, its time to celebrate Hanukkah…”


So commences the greatest Firedance experience yet in my three years of attendance! The 12 of us had a blast, especially me, Katie, Mark, and Ben! We had dinner at this yummy little Italian place, but unfortunately the waitress was extremely slow and we were late to get on the buses. I fell pretty bad about that!
So, we regained our composure and got it all together. The hotel was set up for the bar and food, but the dancing was in a big heated tent outside. The music was so-so….heard lots of OutKast and Luda, but then country and slow dance numbers.
We decided to bring back the old school, AKA junior high and do the arms’ length slow dancing for a little while.
A lot of people thought I was gon’ to bust out my dress. I could tell by the nasty looks I was getting. But I’ll let y’all in on a little secret. The kiddos were TAPED to my body with medical tape. They weren’t goin anywhere! Sorry for making you girls feel uncomfortable….but I was having a great time, HOLLA!

I do believe one of the most painful feelings ever is removing layers of tape from those parts of your body….OUCHee!

When the DJ plays stuff I’m not feelin I tend to stand in place and go off into a daze. My eyes glaze over and I get this look of dissatisfaction. But then the hip hop comes back on…and the world is right once again. Not that I don’t like the country, but two stepping is, well, two stepping.

Docsta Flow’s Useless Fact of the Day: Wanna wear a fitted formal dress? Try not being born with ribs, that tends to be the problem. And if you have a “Super-Rib” like my friend Mark, you should not wear dresses at all.


Numero Uno: Blares Wilson Phillips tunes loud enough to wake up a whole house of 48 girls on a Saturday?

Numero Dos: I went and took a Schwinn bicycle coaching camp up at the Rec this morning because all of us aerobics instructors got paid for it. I had a late night on account of le Firedance, so I didn’t get a lot of sleep. My throat was scratchy, and I was coughing a little bit to clear it up. The Schwinn teacher lady decided to learn all of our names and dubbed me as “Cortney, The Sick Girl” for the next FOUR HOURS. Sometimes she wouldn’t even add the Cortney in there, and would just say “Oh yeah Sick Girl, come over here” and things of that nature. Did I give HER permission to refer to me in this manner? No. Did I respond to her? No. Did I want to get the heck outta there to get away from said crazy bike teacher because she thought I was an invalid? Ah, yes.
And again I say…

And Cortney’s votes are in!
The Three Most Annoying People Ever:
1. Leelee Sobieski, who has “cancer of the knee” in the movie Here on Earth
2. Mandy Moore, just listen to her talk in interviews and on tv…ARGH!
3. Melissa Joan Hart, whose living is based on HER production company that makes a show SHE stars in, the lovely little gem known as “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 2: Wears clothing with a modest fit.

“The road goes on forever, and the party never ends…”-Shout out to NFHS Class of 2001, haha!

Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow!


I am getting ready for the hottest social event of the year, AKA “Firedance!”
My sorority wears all red dresses, and we get to bring boys in suits. Boys look so good in suits, and girls look awesome when they’re dressed up. And there’s Christmas in the air because tonight College Station decided that “hey…its winter” and so the low is duh duh duh….. THIRTY TWO! Dang!

Anyways, yesterday WAS a great day. I slept in, got up, went up to the Rec.
This time the weight room was different…..on Fridays I’m normally up there at the same time every week.
I see the same people, and they’re like my friends that I’ve never met. But this time I went later!

There’s the blonde girl who always look likes she shacked somewhere and has a ring of black smudged liner around her eyes.
There’s the foreign dude who always stays on the cardio machine for longer than the allotted 30 minutes but always manages to get away with it.
There’s the girl who wears a sports bra with board shorts and hiking boots who is pretty hardcore but still has a happy belly that she doesn’t mind showing off.
And there’s the guy who is oh so hot and he obviously knows it.

If only I could put a name to the face of my friends in the weight room! Oh how I missed them on Friday.

I went and ran errands for tonight, and then headed over to the girls’ apartment for the ever popular “girls night”. This is mine and Katie’s second home, since this sorority house has claimed a year and a half of our lives. All I can say is….come May, we are OUTTA this house….forever! Well, until meeting times and stuff.

We had Mexican night this time!!! Chicken fajitas, rice, beans, you name it! We even had a “Christmas on the Border” CD and Courtney wore a sombrero! After we ate we played Dominoes and spoke of girlie things, you know. Then me and K went to Northgate to watch her roommate from Europe dunk the ol’ Aggie Ring. 35 seconds and that pitcher of beer was down her throat….am I gonna be able to do that in September? Uhh, I shudder to think. My liver might go on strike.

Went to see “Honey” last night too. We even brought a mug of Christmas cheer with us in Katie’s Burberry bag. All I can say is that it tasted like Irish crème and it tingled. Once it hits your lips, it is so good!

The movie was kinda cute, but I have an aversion towards actresses who admittedly have never danced a day in their life and get cast for a role where they not only dance, but they’re like the best dancer slash choreographer in New York City. (Cough…Jessica Alba)

What about me? I could try the acting thing….right?

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 50: Drives a manly vehicle he loves, that suits him well!

More fun to be had tonight at Firedance, and stories to tell!!!!


The week from you-know-where is finally over, and I mean over.
Now I shall call it…the WTTD. Aka “Week of Total Test Domination”
SIX tests in FOUR days equal NO sleep and LOTS of headache medicine.
The rewards are simple, but good.
My one class for tomorrow, an 8 am class too, got canceled. I may just be the happiest girl ever!

Today was an excellent day! I had 3 meals and four hours of actual sleep…well, I slept on the floor but I did it on my bum arm so that it wouldn’t matter anyway. The bum arm doesn’t feel….it merely functions.
After my two tests Katie and me went and got big ol gaudy cocktail rings for our right hands!!!
Then SAE Michael called and asked me to go to one of their parties with him next week. How astonished was I? I’ve never been asked to be a date at a fraternity party. Wow…

Just call me and Katie the “Queens of Bling” as we strolled into the movies tonight wearing comfy clothes and huge CZ’s. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.
We went and saw ELF again, this time with Mark, Courtney and Rodney! It was wonderful for the second time. I think it’ll end up in my DVD collection by the end of 2004.
**Funny story: remember the jerk that I dated? Yeah, well him and his twin brother showed up double dating at the movie. Props for not being creative, since he took me to do that twice. Anyways, I totally did an awesome job of being nice to them and their new flavors of the moment. I feel for these girls, who sit on a “THRONE OF LIES!” hahahahah, uh good luck chicas.

I went and checked my mail here at the house. Turns out I got a little coupon packet from American Eagle. Too bad some shady chick in the house tore out half of them and put them BACK IN my box…

Inspiration provided by: a late morning visit to the 12th Man International, in the MSC.

Had another random thought today, those kind you have when you’re trying to study but deep down you really don’t want to so you end up looking everywhere but your notes for an hour and then realize that it’s time to take a test that you know nothing about.

Instead of raising tuition, why don’t we get rid of turnstiles?
1) They’re outdated. If we want to count how many people come in a place on one day, we use something called, uh, technology.
2) If someone wants to get in, I doubt a shiny little metal turny bar is going to stop them.
3) We have them in the weirdest places. The cafeteria, the Rec Center.
Think how much money could be saved if our university got rid if turnstiles. If anyone can think of an excellent purpose for these, I say we sell them to Six Flags. Or maybe a turnstile collector.

My thoughts on turnstiles were interrupted by the passage of a 60 something year old man, with graying, shaggy hair, wearing flip-flops, white short shorts, and a tie dye blue and green tee. How totally out of this world. And out of his time.

May I again reiterate the fact that if it comes down to it and I do decide to pass my genes on to build what you call a child, I refuse to teach them how to ride a bike. Bikes are of the devil. Sidewalks are a war zone, and pedestrians get the shaft. I’ve been there….and lived to tell the tale.

Quote of the Semester, story included:

Preface: Have you ever wanted to say something, but there were two ways to put it? So naturally, you ran the two ways together and end up sounding CRAZY! My roommate Katie is no exception and deserves not criticism, but wholesome applause for this, what is known as, my favorite verbal blunder of the year!

Scenario: Katie and friends were discussing the National Star Registry. Katie wonders if they give a lot of people the same star, and it’s all just a giant ploy for money.
She says, in reference to the NSR, “How do you know they won’t jack you off?”

Cue outrageous amounts of laughter. Seems she was trying to say “jacked” or “ripped off”, and boy did it come out ten times better THAT way, huh Katie!!!

I love, love, LOVE my roommate!

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 17: The perfect man has good hygiene, preferably in the areas of teeth cleansing and armpit odor and perspiration control.

“Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe slash stuffing help to make the season bright…”


Howdy and Happy December!!!
She-oot I haven’t written in a long time.

Due to the fact that I have but one final, and it is December the 12th, I am THISCLOSE to being done with school and am the frequent victim of the phrase “I hate you.” or the ever so popular “Don’t talk to me.”
My response: don’t be sippin on no hate-o-rade…it’s the game, not tha playa.

Taking a study break to re-hash the exciting events of my Turkey Break!!! And yes, I have been studying because I have SIX tests this week. Still hate me? Didn’t think so.

Fracture is healed and I’m outta the sling! Doc up at Beutel told me if I didn’t quit wearing it my arm would end up all curled in with my hand at my chest. Since I have no plans to be a one armed dancer, the sling now rests behind my bed, and made a pretty loud sound when I threw it back there.
Best sling memory: Teaching my step class in it, while envisioning myself as Mark puts it, a “Richard Simmons for Gimps”
(I fractured my arm practicing for Songfest by hyper extending my elbow when I whacked Katie in one of our dances.)

My family came in for Songfest and watched me perform on the bum arm! We did it with SAE this year, and boy was it different than our usual partnering with Ol’ Ags. Those 30 some odd guys liked to dance, and did it sober! Let’s just say the 10-15 pledges we got this year were quite the opposite. I kept the spirit. I danced it up and went out on stage for awards with Michael’s tambourine. Sportsmanship, what!
However, no award for overly excited crippled Songfest chair girls.

After having class till 12:30 on the DAY BEFORE Thanksgiving, I got to go home, thanks to Mark offering me a ride. We enjoyed the scenery and all but the best part was passing the Falcon’s Lair. Trip, complete!

Got to see my best friend Jeff on Wednesday night! Not only did we hit up the drive through blastin Ludacris, but we talked forever, about everything. We also found quite possibly the “Greatest Laffy Taffy Joke Ever”. Here it goes:
Q: What do you call a nun that wanders around?
A: A Roamin’ Catholic!

My mother cooked the best Thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever had! Not good when you’re injured and have to take a week off from the Rec! I came home with gobs of leftovers, and plenty of ingredients to form my own T-Giving on bread, and I have, ask Katie!

When I got back to CS I got news that my friend Kyle’s house back in Garland burned down. I ask you to pray for this wonderful family. Us Naaman alumni are getting together to help them…let me know if you want to get in on Operation Save the Schrocks.

Went to watch the Ags get pounded by UT on Friday. I’ve now accomplished my goal of sitting in all four sections of Kyle Field! This time I was In The Zone…so that would make me just like Britney, heh heh. Sorry, had to say it before YOU did! Michael(The SAE Songfest chairman) and I had a great time, went to lunch, then dinner, had coffee, and a tour of his pimp townhouse...actually, it was a really great time! Afterwards me and Katie went over to the LCA house to watch Old School with Mark, and I tried to impress them with my no skid socks.
Scenario: Cortney runs as fast as she can across the hardwood floor in her super no skid socks. She goes for the slide, and ends up laid out flat on her back at the other end of the room. True story.

Saturday me and Katie studied and rewarded ourselves with pizza at Fritella, and a trip to see Will Ferrell in ELF! LOL from the both of us, and a definite go-see if you’re a WF fan like us! Go see it so you can quote stuff with me!!! Esp. you, MC!!!
Then I went over to the EOE house to watch Just Married with Rami! And then I got some sleep, yea I did.
Wow…and today was Sunday, the opening day of what promises to be a week longer than this entry.
Good luck everyone!

Currently accepting nominations for WHO DOES THAT, Part Deux.

Thought I’d go all out on this one, for Ben.
Deuce! D euce! De uce! Deu ce! Deuc e! Deuce!
And this one’s for Katie. “BOO – YAH!”

Song of the Day: “Return of the Mack”
Movie of the Year: “ELF”
Docsta Flow’s Advice of the Day: People who won’t date you because you have standards are a waste of time and energy spent better ANYWHERE else! You’re wonderful the way you are!
“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…”



As you all may know by now, I fractured my left elbow on Friday at Songfest practice. I did, however, dominate Saturday night with a crippled arm. Many funny stories to tell but it hurts like hell trying to type right now! If you see me in my sling, remind yourself to not take for granted the gloriousness of arms, even the one you don't write with!


Have a happy thanksgiving if I can't type before then!
And don't make fun of me to my face, kids! :):):):):):)



Howdy and Happy Thursday everyone!

Today I would like to start off with:
Potential Pet Peeves:
1. Away messages with sexual connotations. Example: “I’m in the shower. Try hard not to think about it.” “In bed, studying of course! What else would I be doing, WINK!”
2. Those people in my dance class that are not, and have never been dancers, so in class they pretty much stand there, trying to figure out what’s going on. But somehow they always manage to “sprain” their knee or “roll” their ankle in dance class. My question is how…..you don’t even dance, kiddo.
3. Sickeningly rich kids who take on a new sport and buy all the best equipment. They don’t know how to use it, and end up giving up on it anyway. Onto a new sport!

I had my first immersion into the Dewey Decimal System at Evans Library today. After stupidly asking where I could apply for a library card, the cute guy at the circulation desk reminds me that my AGGIE CARD is the know all, end all, of everything, including checking out library books.
I preceded to carry around my lime green map from floor to floor, in search of my books for my research paper, which is due next week. After crawling around on my hands and knees, and then squeezing me and Big Yello (that’s my backpack’s name) in those little bitty aisles between bookshelves, I came out. Not only did I emerge with four books, but also a new sense of self. I survived and thrived at the STACKS!

Do y’all think that Dewey Decimal ever got married? What an intelligent man!

I registered this morning, and well, got nothing I needed. I thought as we got older, it was supposed to get easier? Nah. I imagine a picture in my head of a little college degree laughing me in the face.

We had a whoa Naaman reunion at lunch today. Me, Rami, Prater, and Richard were there, along with our two guests from Lake Highlands, Katie and Mark. I felt bad for the two of them cause we were going off about old times. It’s just that us NFHS peeps never EVER get together, and when we do, we talk a lot.

After I got home I was in kinda a bluh mood, but luckily Brett asked me if I wanted to run and go get a CD with him. Can I just say I love little random things like that, because it’s fun and unexpected. Maybe that should be my new mantra.

“my name is cortney. two words. fun. unexpected.”

Now I’m chillin and getting my life together because next week will be one of those weeks, and my mom and two sisters are coming in tomorrow night!!!
And SONGFEST is SATURDAY!!! My hard work will finally be presented to thousands of people! This is my most hated and loved time of the year. It’s stress, but it’s my moment to be myself.

When I’m on stage performing, the world is right. If anyone has ever wondered who I really am, it’s the person you see on stage. Dancing is my passion; the very heart and soul of Cortney…

On a lighter note, I tore a Blue Baker coupon out of the paper today. Looks like I’m going to have to hit up some more T-giving on Bread!!!

“Take a look around and tell me what you see…you’ll find me, underneath…”



“No I in the Team” – I wanna say that’s in a Nelly song. It has to be.

This week has been a “Cortney should be sleeping but can’t seem to do it” week. I’m just really hyped up on the adrenaline I think. Songfest is this weekend, and being a Songfest chair has been, well, let’s just say its NOT a cake and ice cream party. I’m perplexed. I love performing and dancing and being onstage cause I never get to do it anymore…and the other part of me is ready to get the stress done.

Life is going smoothly for the moment, and I’m actually in a great mood.

I realized today how incredibly lucky I am!!!!
Tuesday/Thursday lunches are the highlight of what have the potential to be incredibly annoying days.

Katie – I cannot believe a nonchalant “yeah lets room together” turned into an “UH”-mazing friend. This girl is my rock, my sister, my confidant, my “mom”, but most of all my best friend.
Kristy – Has a heart of gold when it comes to caring for other people, especially me. She’s doing Songfest because she knows how much it means to me for her to be there…and she knows I love her being there!
Raba – She never lies to me, ever. And she always gives me confidence to be myself…because she makes me feel that I have so much to offer this world, even when I’m at my lowest point.
And then there’s Marky Mark who never fails to laugh at AND with me! And he completely gets my sense of humor, whereas most people think I’m on something. Everybody dance!

Maybe I don’t wanna trade lives with Britney after all.

I have TWO Britney albums now, one of which I got at 12:01 last night at the Super Wal-Mart in Bryan, one of which was a gift from one of our new girls, as encouragement for Songfest. HOW COOL.
Might I add there were TWICE as many guys waiting to get one as there were girls.
Rating: 7 right now, lots of sexual songs.

And I just realized how sappy this Blog is. This is not me! Okay, maybe I just hit a soft spot today. I’ll be back to normal tomorrow, but I’ll still love my friends. J

Ending every remark in an instant messenger chat with a period.
Example: “I am so excited.” “That is great.” “You are my hero.”

Dedicating every away message to the love of your life. Well, the love for the time being.
Example: “I’m in class, but I’d rather be with you!” “Why go to sleep when being awake is a dream!” “If Heaven was on earth it would be your dorm room.”

“It starts with an S
And ends with a Fest,
Don’t know what it is?
I’ll help you guess!
Dancing and singing girls and boys,
On a stage makin some noise,
My entire hope for this next week,
Is for our noise to become qual-it-tee!”

“if you really wanna battle saddle up and get your rhythm…”


A chance to rest is a chance to write!

We had initiation last night and this morning, so I took a very long, and very much needed nap today! AFTER I hit up Blue Baker with Ben for lunch! I had the November Special today, which I like to call

2 slices of cranberry-walnut bread hugging a pile of fresh turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. PERFECTION.

I thought about you Thursday night Jeffrey! I was at da Salty Dog gettin my dance on when the DJ started spinning Skee-Lo's "I Wish". I WAS the only girl, actually person, who knew the lyrics to the first half of the song, but aint no shame in my game, I kept to singing as if you were there with me!

Thursday was a good night for me. I got to dance and get my mind off things that drag me down.

Friday was Red Ass Aggie Day. Me, Katie, Raba, and Stacy headed out to Easterwood to see the Aggie Football Team off to Mizzou, where they lost BTW. Anyway, I definitely got to see Jaxson Appel talk in person, and the four of us have decided that the epitome of hotness wears jersey numba 19!
As the football team headed out to their plane, so cool guys thought we should do yells. I entertained this idea, even though a guy in business casual and some other random dude were our "yell leaders".
But then things got worse. They forced us to sing "Hullabaloo" as the team was loading the plane. This was kinda dumb, but I'm sure they could see us swaying so, ok. But then we had to sing the "Spirit of Aggieland". Are you kidding me? Once this charade ended, we were up and out of there. TMR- too much redass.

We had a "guy's night" by heading out to Wings N More and chilling in the bar while we supped. I even got a free toothpick in the shape of a buffalo. The 5-minute car ride home was so fun that Raba had to stop it before she drove out of control from laughin so hard.
All I can say is "Airforce One, coming in for landing!"

We started initiation goodies around 10 pm and got done around 11:30 today. I am proud to say that I scared the hell out of one of the pledges with my stand-up cardboard Britney.

Bright Spot of the Day: Seeing an older, yet happy Asian fella walking across University Drive, proudly sporting his maroon Texas A&M University t-shirt tucked into his khaki shorts. How could you NOT smile?

"What's cooler than being cool? ICE COLD! Alrite,alrite,alrite,alrite,alrite...."

"I got no need for wastin' time,
On guys who got no sense or spine,
Gotta keep those standards up where they once was,
To keep my heart safe from all these DUDS!"



I never knew people could have so much fun camping out at Kyle Field. It's almost better than living in a sorority house. They play ping pong, they watch "Smallville", they study accouting, and they eat cake! And all in the comforts of the Zone. Why didn't I think of that?

Don't you just hate when you swear you saw something, but when you go back to look at it, its not there? :)

Today is Thursday, meaning it somewhat resembles Tuesday. I have morning class and then a big break, so I'm gonna try and get all registered up for Winter Term! And then I'll be TWO hours off getting my ring in April, dern it!

Britney's new album comes out Tuesday! 5 more days till I'm in the zone!

Props to the weekend, because it makes everything better. Except for Sunday evenings after 4!
Being mad is so much better than feeling sorry for yourself.



Today, I'm going to ROCK THE RANT.

Advice to myself: Never again date a guy whose name has the same number of syllables as "jackass". There's always a reason why this is so.

Why am I so trusting of people? Is it wrong to assume that people are generally good and honest citizens of this wonderful country? Is it crazy that I live by the golden rule, and thought that everyone else did too?

I've got to learn to listen to my heart, and my friends, and take this in as a good learning experience!

Enough with the frogs, bring on a prince! Preferably a non-smoking, uncowardly, sober more often than not one, please! :)

May I add that the vegetables and more costume website last night DID cheer me up. I'm thinking about having some friends dress up as the robot and baked clam for my next party!

"To all your friends, you're delirious...so consumed, in all your doom...tryin hard to fill the emptiness, the pieces gone, left the puzzle undone...."-CA

Have a great day....and take my advice!

-c. Flow-


YEAH for Tuesdays....kidding, Tuesdays aren't that fun, but today was! I had dance and then no class for the rest of the day, so I stayed and ate lunch with all my friends, and ran into a whole lot more! Nicole and Claire were both in the MSC. I ate lunch with Amanda, Katie, and Francois, and then Kevin and Mark came to join us, and I ended up finishing off the day going with Mark to see Lamba Chi's campgrounds over at Kyle Field. They have tents, pillows and blankets, a couch, a table, and an X Box. Are you kidding me? That sounds like fun! Let's hope they get some good seats.

I just looked down at my planner and remembered what my new ambition is. After trying to draw Mark a fedora, which is a hat that I want really bad, it ended up looking like poo. So I decided I want to be like that melting clock artist. Mark calls him Salvador Dali or something. Kidding, I know who the dude is. Anyway, I'm going to draw stuff on fire, instead of melting. So in my planner, I've got a fedora on fire next to a winged smily face, who is also on fire.

Maybe I should sell it on E Bay.

Last night we did the pub crawlin thang for Francois' b day! Which consisted of us standing there and watching him take shots.....so we took pictures of ourselves, like girls do! It was a good time with my friends. Life is good when you have fun just hanging out no matter where you are!

Cortneyism of the Day:
"How come when millions of people out there care about us, we spend time worrying about the ones who don't."

I can't believe I have 3 weeks left of school. Did y'all know that I'M done December 12th? Sheesh.
Ah well, time to be off and up out.



It's only been a little over a week, so I'm not that late!
I made it thru my Challenge of the Week: IT was not to get on my Instant Messenger....I'm glad that's over with!

What a weekend!

My very FIRST themed dinner party with my best friends Amanda, Katie, Kristy, and Court! There was lasagna, veggies, bread, and a "Cortini". The drink smelled good, but we all know c.Flow couldn't handle it! We even had italian music! My roommate went and bought plastic vegetables and streamers at the dollar store to decorate. Is there anyone cooler than Katie? Hmmm.....nope! :)
After that, we went to Northgate to watch Katie's friend Erin dunk her ring. Soon, that outing turned sour....wanna know why? let's just say I saw something I wasn't prepared to, but should have expected....ask me! Anyways, we dropped that joint and headed out to the Tap to meet up with one of MY fav people, Marky Mark, and his funky bunch of Lambda Chi's. Rating: Music good, big girls on tables, not so good!

Went down to H Town to see Emily's boyfriend Greg's band play. (Link on right)
They were excellent, and it was a good time. Richard went with me! It's so nice to have a friend that is so open minded about music, he never says no! I got to see Emily's family again after a long time, so it was exciting. After Close Call played, we headed out ,and I fell back asleep on the way home, like I did on the way there as well. Did I mention this was the second day I was doped up on benadryl? That stuff will do a number on ya....

The Greek Week parade sucked. It rained during the awards cermony, and the catered BBQ turned into Sloshy Joes. EWWW! So I headed home to Dallas. My 14 year old sister Emily was having her first boy girl party and my mother desparately needed help chaperoning.

If I ever have kids.....they are never turning 14.

The party commences with the blaring of a Good Charlotte album. That can be fixed, we just closed the doors to keep the sound out. Then, my sister's disco ball breaks and this kid Corbin decides it'd be funny to smash the thing out out in the street. Then, they decide to play spin the bottle, and for the hour we hear them chanting "LIPS, LIPS, LIPS!" and my other sister Sarah, who is older than Emily, gets pissed off because her 14 year old sister gets to kiss someone, and she never has. I assured her that spin the bottle isn't real kissing. Especially not with a Fowler girl!

We thought the pain was over once the kids were gone. But Corbin left suprises. Around the entire frickin house!

The kid who decimated the disco ball stuck pieces of candy into every nook and cranny of our downstairs floor imaginable. This morning, I found a Snickers in the washer and dryer. My mom found a Twix in the ice dispenser. There were gumballs in the disposal. A Pay Day in the microwave.
What does this mean for Corbin?
If he comes near our house again, my mom will prolly shove candy up his nose.
Did I mention the chocolate in the toilet and the candy bar on the ledge OUTSIDE my sister's window?

If you're still reading......there's a new toy called PIPI MAX. IT's an electronic dog that hikes its right hind leg up and urinates. Snaps for the realism there!

And this one's for Mark.....EXTREME SNOWBOARD GAME! We need to buy that one, Wizzle.
Along with the Flava dolls!

Ok, I gots to be off and up out! Talk to y'alls around!


Quote of the Year: "Shake it like a polaroid picture." Its almost not cool anymore, because everyone's saying it.....

OF course I'm not gonna forget to say that!
I'll be out dressed as, HELLO, Britney again this year on Northgate. Where will YOU be?

So its been an awkward week. I had a test on Monday, and then we had our sorority scholarship banquet at a bar, and had to get out of there before Monday night football started. Normal!

My wonderful roommate and I, who are DEFINITELY red-ass Aggies now, forgot to pull our tickets for the game versus Kansas on Saturday. That's what happens when you don't normally do it yourself! Being spoiled is too fun sometimes.

We saw cape girl again yesterday! But this time she wasn't wearing shoes. Did you know you can go to class without shoes on?

We had our date party last night! Grant was sweet and decided not to drink for me. awwww....
ANYWAYS, we watched The Shining out on big blankets, and made s'mores at a campfire. It was pretty fun except that the movie was on this sort of timer thing, so every 30 minutes or so, the picture would shut off and the sound would keep going. SO other than the movie being ghetto, it was a good time.

Then I had to come back home and review for my test that I had at 8 o clock this morning! Whats bad is that I studied twice as much for this one, and got a lower grade. BAH! I hate school. It interferes with life, basically.

Fun Story of the Week: This one's really good, I wish it would have happened to me!
Katie (the roomie) was walking though the parking lot and accidentally hit a rearview mirror as she was passing between cars. Turns out there was someone sitting in the car she banged, so she kinda chuckled and waved at the driver of the vehicle. Turns out it was Cardo, of Former Yell Leader fame. You know, the short one with the nasal voice? It was an exciting story. Thanks Katie!

Now I must go and clean, you know stuff that girls do! SIKE!



Quote of the day: On joining a frat at Texas A&M: "It's like going to a steak restaurant and ordering seafood." Any guesses to what he's in? :)

I decided that since a cold front came through today, I'd be the first to mention this.
Aggies are retarded when it comes to the first sign of cold weather. Come to campus tomorrow morning and everyone's gonna be dressed up like they're going skiing in the Arctic. And I won't be wrong about this, because it's happened the past two years, people.

"The party's where YOU'RE at!" - Jagged Edge, singing about me, obviously.
"Events so strange you'd think we were livin' in Austin!"
Installment One

October 16, 2003:
Mark, Richie, and I are sitting outside the MSC. Out of the corner of my left eye, a black girl approaches wearing combat boots and a long black cape with a hood. I know, a black girl on campus something seen not too often. But one in a cape? I am thoroughly suprised, and informed that yes, she wears that cape everyday. WOW.
And so she's walking, and coming towards her is an Asian guy. On a bike. In a tuxedo. As he passes cape girl, they swiftly share a "HIGH FIVE".
After being astonished, and then glad that I was there to see that, I laughed heartily for, well, I am STILL laughing.

October 25, 2003:
Riding in a car down Harvey. In the turn lane to our left is a guy trying to get across the intersection. It'd probably be easier if he wasn't in a motorized wheelchair. On game days....you gotta be prepared to see the worst.

That's all for now....but I'll be back!

Had dinner with Rami, his roommate Chris, and Pierce tonight. I find it funny that they all admitted that dating one person is pretty cool. It's just so much easier, and much better on the schedule, and easier than having to try and meet people all the time. I agree!

We lost to OK State today, and it rained like hell at the game, but I stayed the whole time!!!! (Did get there a little late, but who noticed?)

I decided a lot of things about my life this weekend. I will sum it up with this:
I am going to be a full fledged college student from now on. I am going to have loads of hours of worthless fun just because. I will not read into anything anyone says because, hello, its college. I will not search for meaning or deepness unless asked, because its easier this way. Life is simple in college, they say. And I'm gonna make it that way. I will do what I want when I want, and will not feel bad about not wanting to do or not do stuff. I will not get upset anymore when my friends say they'll call, and then they don't, because I'm allowed to do this to them as well. I will meet as many people as possible, in the hopes that I will OWN this school by the time I'm done with MY victory lap. And I will be here longer why? because, that's what you do in college.

Life is about having fun being yourself. Then, someone comes along who loves you being yourself.
And that may be the most wonderful thing in the world.

And I'm blaming THAT outburst on the stupid chick flicks down the hall, hence the reason I don't and won't watch them. Who would ever wanna hang out with me if I was always like that. I wouldn't even wanna BE me.

Congrats to those enjoying the extra hour tonight! Party or sleep yo booty off!

SMILE of the DAY: I sat across the room from Former Prez and First Lady Bush, and Rick Perry at a lunch today, yeah!!! :)

And I'm out....DEUCE!


I get so much done since I have one 8 o clock class!!!

So in my ONE class today, we compiled two lists. Keep in mind this IS a sociology class, blah blah blah. The girls made a list of the "IDEAL" man, and the boys, an "IDEAL" woman. I just want y'all gals to see what they hade to say. Apparently, we have a lot to work up to...or do we?

THE IDEAL WOMAN, as written by the men of Sports Sociology 319:
1. Cooks and Cleans
2. Family, not career-oriented
3. Emotionally stable
4. Big boobs and butt
5. Educated
6. Can take her home to Mom, but is a freak in the bedroom
7. Has a job, but its not that important to her
8. Sense of humor
9. Likes sports, but doesn't know more than her man.
10. Fertile
11. Understand the value of "guy time"
12. Independent, but just a little needy

No wonder they make blow up dolls.



Yesterday was fun, EXCEPT for the Cubs losing, so I thought I'd Blog it up!
Yes, I do own a Yankees hat, but it is purely for fashion purposes. If anyone wants to buy me Red Sox gear, I'd sport it like there was no tomorrow.

Just a reminder for all you Baylor fans...final score 73-10, Ags pounded you fellas!

HOLLA for two straight weeks of tests, and being done when? How about RIGHT NOW!

After class I hit up the Rec and the store, and then went to dinner @ Olive Garden with Grant....:):):):):):):):):):):)
And then we had Songfest practice, where I taught em Dirty Pop, and Pi Phis are lookin hot...you really shouldn't miss the show.

THEN it was Sig Ep Pajama Crush Partay @ the Library (the BAR, not the real one)
And Rami was there! Well, his body was, but I think thats about as far as it got, if you know what I'm sayin. I doubt he wakes up for awhile.

This weekend everyone's either goin home or out of town, so I'm gon chill, along with updatin the Bloggggg.....

"Don't hate da playa,
Hate da game,
And peeps you don't like,
Well don't act da same,
Be yourself and act how you feel,
Cause ain't nothin better than being real."

Inspirational, WHAT?!
See, I have a sense of humor and a soft side. Boo-yah.



The AGS definitely did NOT have a good weekend, but I did!

The week ended out good; I saw pretty much every person I know at the Hall on Thursday night, and Friday I headed up to Garland for a little high school football!

Naaman Forest beat North Garland 24-23, with about a minute left. These kids are unbelievable! I was so excited that I stood up because I wanted to! My mom yelled the loudest of anyone there, and boy was I proud to be an alumnae. HA!

My little sister Sarah performed at halftime and was oh so cute. IT's so weird seeing her wear my old uniform....
I went and visited the team in the stands after halftime to do the obligatory "Former Captain's Speech" and then I quickly went and sat down.....my old drill team director wasn't there because she met some guy on the internet and decided to go to Colorado with him. Lots of class, that woman.

Anyway, I went to eat dinner with my mom and sisters after the game, and then I went home, because a lot of my best friends were in town!!! Brett was in Allen, and Katie, Amanda, and Francois had all been watching a movie @ Loews. So I told everyone they had to come and see Patches!!! So we all had a big Aggie Reunion in my kitchen.

Can I just say how wonderful it is to have my CS friends in Garland? Garland was such a horrible place to be this summer, and having these people come into my home made it so much easier to be there. Daddy has taken so much furniture that it just doesn'f feel the same anymore!

After they came to say hi we all went to Waffle House! We took pictures of mullets with Brett's camera phone, and talked about some guy's car called the "Superstreet". Then we went our separate ways! Me and Brett talked for a while at my house, and then it was bedtime!

I had mommy talk over a late b-fast Saturday morning and headed it back down to Aggieland. Once I got here, I ran my errands and crashed like WHOA! I woke up in time to watch the AGS get trampled by the losers from Lubbock!

Sundays....long days! I passed out on the comfy couches last night, work up and had to go straight to a group project meeting, into my step class, where the lights went out, got stuck in the REC for 30 minutes while Hurricane Aggie passed over, drove over to the house for Exec meeting, and went downstairs to a canceled Songfest practice. Blah blah blah.

This week I have three tests, and then Saturday, I hope we beat the hell outta Baylor, WHOOP!

Ludacris' "Chicken and Beer" comes out on Tuesday...will I go get it? Maybe if I get my car back too! :)



YAYA for a fun day!!!
But you know what is funner? My roommate. Katie is probably the coolest person I know. Because that is Katie.
(if anyone else would like a shout out, lemme know)

TODAY was a wonderfully awesome day, and it started out with a bang. Literally.

So there's this boy....isn't that how we always start out stories? Anyways, I saw him walking while I was on the bus! I got really excited because the bus was about to stop, and if I timed it just right, I would make it off the bus and perfectly "run into" him. And don't tell me no other girls do that. So here goes: Bus stops. Cortney fights through a sea of people while keeping her eye on the prize that is making his way down the sidewalk. He picks up his pace, and so does Cortney. Finally Cort breaks free of the bus mob, and is heading for the outdoors! BANG! Cortney forgets to use STEPS to get off the bus, and ends up on the ground.
Needless to say, I did not yell after this particular boy. Chances are he would definitely not offer acknowledgement.

After battlin through class I made it to the MSC, my favorite part of the afternoon. There I ran into this guy I had met a while back at a party. I finally figured out why he looks so familiar, and its because he's a spittin image of Wade Robson. Any normal girl with eyes would agree that the best word for him is "hot". Everyone was trying to tell me he was gay, mostly because he's kinda pretty and he's a really good dancer, and the first time I met him, he was wearing pink. I just thought he was self actualized.
WRONGNESS!!! He proceeds to tell me that they had a costume party for an organization he's in. "What did you wear?" I asked. "A pink tube top and skirt with knee high boots."
Umm......maybe my gaydometer WAS NOT working that night, because now I have seen the obvious.

Good thing I have someone to consult with on salons, which is where the conversation headed after that. ;-)

A good day will hopefully commence with a great night!

"Lil C. Flow and Miss Shorty K,
Livin it up on this sunny day,
She reads da books and I write da rhymes,
Chill wit us?! You betta get in line.."


Not that I necessarily have the time to be doing this, but I have a LOT on my mind!

Problem #1: If I could go back in time, I would have vaporized Sum 41 when I got the chance. Thanks to their wannabe Blink 182 sound, they have now spawned a million knockoff groups. These groups would be: Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, The Ataris, and Fountains of Wayne, to name a few, just a few. I am getting so sick of these groups. They play their own instruments, but they hold about as much quality as the boy band boom that happened just a few years back? What happened to the rock/alternative world, and why is it being taken over by a bunch of whiny guys who think picking a random name for their backyard band is gonna change their sound? Give me a frickin BREAK.

Problem #2: After gathering much information from my ever so honest male friends, I have found out that I am now competing not so much with supermodels and Playboy, but with 17 year old celebrities. I must say, I do miss those days when I wish I was taller, thinner, etc...now its....
Attention females: Men now want a women who is just hitting 5 feet tall, recently earned the right to get into and R rated movie, wears glittery makeup, covers her wall in Josh Hartnett posters, and cannot do anything without the signature of a legal guardian.

Looks like I'm gonna have to start dating guys in their 30s......ewww!

ANYWAYS! It's been a long and will continue to get longer day. But a little bit of venting helps you relax, I hear.

Watch for me around town! Since my yellow baby is in the body shop, I have obtained the pimp of all rental cars.
I am the proud driver of a spankin' new, metallic beige 2004 Ford Taurus SE. We're talking a family sedan with the works: power windows, power locks, a cassette deck, A/C, and 5 cupholders- a veritable monster with 4 cylinders.

And I still still can't help but hope my Mustang isn't in the shop for more than the required 15 days.....

"when I fall in love, I'll take my time. there's no need to hurry when I'm makin up my mind..."-JM



Word of the Day: Productive
Use it in a sentence: "Cortney was very productive cause she updated that Blog."

It's Friday, my absolute favorite day of the week, especially this week, because its been my busiest EVER! I had things back to back every night, AND a test at 8 am this morning. Highlight of the week? Trying out for Songfest and making it with three people! Hopefully there will be many more than that on the REAL night of the show.

Anyhoo, week was full of studying, meetings, working, you name it. Last night, after so graciously teaching two aerobics classes in a row, I decided to relax. I attempted to fight my aching for sleep, but I ended up going out with Amie and Natalie anyway. It took us forever, but we finally hit up Club Paradise in Bryan at around midnight.

Much to our dismay, it was 1) EMPTY and 2) Tejano night.

Definitely turned and came home.

I sat in the kitchen w/ Drake, Rodgers, and a plethora of other guests, eating goulash, and meeting a boy that came in with one of our not so sober sisters. While she preceded to start fixing herself chicken, he began a speech on the many benefits of scarfing protein after a workout.

And I quickly made my way upstairs....whew.

Today I DID do a lot of productive stuff, and I even got to hang out with Grant! ;-)

Anyway, tonight is our first date party of the year. Dress is country club prep, place is Wolf Pen Bowling alley. Theme? Pins and Polos. All I can say is....the dj better let me dance in the lanes. Thats all I've ever wanted to do since that dr. pepper commercial with cyndi laupercame on. Marky Mark is going with me, and its gon be tight.

I hope someone forgets to let go of their bowling ball.

"Gettin on in da bowling alley tonight,
Dressed in pearls and polos of white,
Gonna get my dance on and make a strike or two,
And wear the heck out them dang ugly shoes!"

"DJ bring dat back!"-Luda



HOLA Senors and Senoritas! This is Cortney, here to blog ya!

Yesterday was wonderful day because HOLLA, it was FRIDAY! I love Fridays b/c you have two free days ahead of you, and you just got done with school, and you know you can do fun stuff the next day.

I had an 8 am class, but its fairly short (50 mins) so it doesn't suck really bad. Then me and Nicole went and pivcked up Amie from her class and we headed over to IHOP for breakfast. I must really like it if I can go there twice, eh? We had so much fun!!!! Getting breakfast on a school morning is liberating, almost as much so as going out out on a Monday thru Wednesday night!

ANYWAYS! I went back out to Rec and hit up the weight room for a couple hours, came home, cleaned, did some work, showered, ate and took a nap. Later on I went to Shake's and to see S.W.A.T. w/ Grant. The movie was pretty good, it just seemed kind of long......? We wanted to see Underworld, but it was so'd out!

Its been so long since I've been to the movies that now I wanna see everything!

Most of the time I get to sleep in on Saturdays, and it makes Friday that much better, but today I got to sub the morning step and abs and back class. At least I got in my workout early!

(HAs anyone ever noticed that once I give my opinion on something, I back it up with a reason? Well, that's prolly why I did so good on the TAAS test, which is no longer active in the state of TEXAS.)

"Sa-tur-day afternoon,
And you know its gonna be night-time soon,
But I'm gon chill cause I got some time,
Ran out of words to finish this rhyme."



"You can't say I didn't give it, I won't wait another minute, On our way this time around..."

Just got home from H-Town, where I went to see my fav band of all time, Hanson. Just a reminder for those of you that lived in a cave in junior high, yes they are the "MMMBop" guys.

But before I began that fun, I had school! It rained hard again today so I decided to wear my flip flops, thinking that they would serve as the most practical footwear for a gross day.
Could I BE more WRONG!

Not only did I slip and fall on the sidewalk and bang my left knee up LEAVING school, when I got back to the sorority house I slipped and fell AGAIN, and banged up my right knee. So you can call me "Klumsy the Kneecapless".

ANYWAYS! So sums up the excitement of my academic schoolday.
Now onto what you've all been waiting for: the Hanson Concert evaluation!

So we get there kinda late because duh, I'm not a teeny bopper anymore. I had to go to the end of the line to wait for the doors to open, but the perks were that I got to see Zac get out of the bus. Cue SCREAMING CRAZY 16 YEAR OLDS.

Once I got into the club, I squished myself in the middle of a crowd consisting mainly of ages 5-17 year old girls, and gay guys. I forgot how much sugar these kids have in em nowadays. Everything Hanson said was accompanied by a random "I love you Taylor!" or "Zac get naked!" The show was awesome nonetheless cause they played a lot of old and new stuff. And of course, they played the infamous "MMMBop".

The guy in front of me was more hyped than I was, and all the oldtimers around me noticed it....

After the concert we hit up one of my fav late night spots: IHOP, fo shizzle. Then we came home, and I'm about to be off and up out!

"C.Flow's gettin too old for the teenybopper life,
Too many of em around her tonight,
She longs for peeps having ages above 20,
Those who aint got to ask they parents fo money!"




HOLLA! C.Flow is back in action. I was suddenly inspired by a fun day, so here I am bloggin' away.

Right now me and Katie are on latin fire in our room, listening to Ricky Martin's "Cup of Life" !!!!
Then I look over at her computer, where she IS supposed to be doing an application. But is DEFINITELY looking at http://www.mullet.com and saying how fun it would be to go mullet hunting.

I suggest getting a roommate if you're looking for a quick laugh!

ANYHOO, the day started out supa, despite the fact that I'm in class from 8 - 12:30!

I was walking to class, crossing the street, and this big black boy whistles and says "Hey girl!" OF course I turn and flash him Cortney's "oh thats so sweet smile" and I continue strutting to class. Then a short dude behind me says "Umm, do you know who that was?" and I say "no!" and then he says back to me "That was REGGIE McNEAL!"

I must got something going on if the QB of the Fightin Texas Aggie Football Team likes what he sees. ;-)

Other than that, I saw a Corps boy in aviator shades, so I gave him snaps for is keen fashion senses. Aviators are SO hot right now.

Class was, well, class, and I struggled to keep awake. I had 3 meetings and then I had to drop off some stuff at the Rec, and THEN I came home to start my homework. Out of 4 things, I have finished 3. I'm so good!!!

Oh and that wreck I was in? My car goes in on the 29th! YAY!!! Pretty soon it will be back to its beautiful yellow self!

Tomorrow night I'll be in Houston, to see my favorite band of all time....HANSON! I couldn't be more excited, and I can't wait to tell everyone about it, HOLLA.

Until then....DEUCE.

"A to the g to the g-i-e,
Whats that you hearin?
Dawg thats me,
Got the swing in my hips,
A lil style in my walk,
Lookin for sum white boyz,
And leave da black ones in awe.."

Hee hee, that's a good one!

"Is there anyone out there, cause its gettin harder and harder to breathe..."




I'm online, but only for a bit!

Lemme just say school is rockin, and I just got done with the awesomest weekend I've had since I've been back in College Station! This is what life is meant to be like, folks!

Even though I started out Friday night with a wreck.....Bummer, everything turned out great!

I got to go out dancing, met a person who may get me the hook ups for a dance career, socialized with a bunch of drunken night owls at Mickey D's, hung out with a couple of new Aggie football players, sat my booty in a beautiful box at Kyle Field, beat the hell outta Utah, walked arm in arm with the gorgeous Commander of K-1, and had a full class to teach this afternoon at the Rec!!!!

Could life get any better? At this moment, NO WAY!!!

So tomorrow I'll wake up to start another morning of another week of school, with a big goofy grin on my face!!! I love love love love life!

And I love you all! Hugs from Aggieland and the sorority house!
And my bruised yellow car!



GREAT BIG APOLOGY for not blogging in a long time. The Pi Phi house has no internet, and the computers at school are jacked up b/c of that worm thing. So here's what I got: I'll be bloggin it up like normal AS SOON AS I can.

Life's too cool not to write about it.

I love everyone I haven't seen and also those I have!

I love our new PP pledges!!!!



YEAH we started work week today, and I've gone into super secret sorority girl mode, NOT!!!!!

I am so glad to be back, but I am a little tired, Rush keeps you busy.

So does this damn worm virus which dragged me out to Best Buy to get Norton AntiVirus.
At least I get a rebate.

I can safely say all I miss about Dallas is happy times whenever family meant five people and not 4 with one in an apartment.
Funny thing is, none of the other 170 girls here know what happened to me this summer, and I don't really wanna tell em. It seems morbid to answer "Hey Cort did you have a good summer!" with an "Well actually it sucked. My dad walked out on me, my ma, and my sisters, and now they're spending our life savings on divorce attourneys!"

I don't think I should say that......maybe I wont say anything at all.

On a lighter note, our showers at the house got fixed, but they forgot to put doors on them. 48 gals now use 4 showers total with the help of cheap stick em up shower curtains.

Oh the JOYS of living in a SORORITY HOUSE...next on mtv CRIBS.


Song of the Day: "Happy Birthday!" dedicated to Kathy, my motha!!!!!

"Body may be aging
But ya mind, make it youga'
Once we get past 30
Age is just a numba!"

Keep it real, DEUCE!


Hola senors and senoritas!!! Havin a beautiful and sunny Sunday, I presume?

Started the morning off with a wonderful sermon about courage at FUMC Garland. It's good to have motivation before I head back to the Station!

Last night was a BLAST!!!! Tyler picked me up around 9ish and we headed downtown to Deep Ellum. We talked the whole way there and the whole way back about lots of stuff. I had no idea that Ty and I had so much in common. It's CRAZY! It's a shame I've been here all summer and I've not been hangin out with him at all. So I am still WILD ABOUT TYLER! (Previous blogggg......)

We found the last free parking spot on a semi shady street, but we both decided walking was better than paying 10 bucks. Especially when the cover charge for the Liquid Lounge was 11 bucks. We went to see Nolan and Randy's ban Bangarang play an opening set for Crowd of Stars' cd release party. I walked in and it was like WHOA NAAMAN! Lots of people that I haven't seen in awhile. I finally formally met Nolan, whom I've known up to this point from HIS journal, and I got to see "hot dog" Randy again! He looks great!!!

Attention Aggies: Tyler is the one who looks like Prince William and Randy's the crazy blonde guy in my Spring Show video.....ah, we remember!

Anyways, they did an unbelievable job!!! The 11 bucks me and TY spent on cover got us this like all access wristband to go into 4 other clubs, so we decided to check em out cause hello it was only eleven PM.....

Club Clearview is like a frickin maze back into all the eras of time you wish you could forget. "A haunted house to the past", each room is themed. There's the 80's room, the swanky room with attached "sex parlors", there's the blacklight room, the rock and roll room, and the Art Bar, a placed for wannabe and washed up arteests to hang out and dance like they've had too much JAVA, man.

The best part was when we went up on the roof. The view of D town was great, and the weather kicked butt. Too bad the techno music was blasting ICK muzak, but me and TY were still able to appreciate it!

All in all, I got to spend a night with one of my coolest guy friends, and got to savor my talented friends' band Bangarang, HOLLA!

And I went to bed truly happy. The End :)


Not been a very eventful day! Woke up to rain, so I fixed myself Cortney's staple meal of the day: breakfast. After my four cups of coffee, a ham/cheese omelet, and episode of MADE, I headed back up to my room to get back to the arduous task of cleaning/packing my room. There's talk of selling the house still, but all I'm worried about is getting my room taken care of before I head back to CS!

We're going to the pool in a little while with my grandparents and my little cousins that just flew down from Tennessee. So we're just waiting for the rain to clear up. My mom's out doing girlie stuff all day and night with here recently divorced friend, Darlene. We all know what they're ranting about. Hope she has fun.

Tonight is what I'm really excited about! Tyler and I are gonna go see Nolan and Randy's band play at Liquid. Talk about a virtual prescription for fun, no doubt!

BTW CLINT-you're MY favorite white boy! hahaah holla @ a blogga!



Mom to Cortney: "Why is it that the most gorgeous guys in the world are gay?"

Cortney to Mom: "'Cause if they weren't, there'd be no use for the word ironic."
This divorce between my parents gets worse everyday. I fell like I'm trying to travel somewhere, but these two people keep loading me down with so many "bags" that I couldn't make it anywhere if I wanted to. And they aren't making it anywhere either.

I don't wanna carry your bags anymore! Its too hard.
How about the TWO of you talk about it, and let me be myself again.....please?
Incubus's "I Miss You"...I'm finally able to listen to this song again without a tear...and I just can't get over how much I STILL love it.....

To see you when I wake up is a gift,
I didn't think could be real.
To know that you feel the same as I do,
Is a three fold utopian dream.
You do something to me that I can't explain,
So would I be out of line if I said that I miss you?

I see your picture
I smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine,
You have only been gone ten days
But already I'm wasting away,
I know I'll see you again
Whether far or soon,
But I need you to know that I care,
And I miss you.

Short, sweet, and don't care if I got all the lyrics right.
Why not dedicate to someone today...it feels amazing!


WOW, what an unbelievably fun and much needed night of greatness!

I went w/ Richie, Nick, and Corinna to Deep Ellum around 7:30 to line up in front for Trees for the Alien Art Farm concert. There weren't that many people there, so when we got in we placed ourselves practically on the tiny lil stage. At 9:30 this band called Strata came on and jammed, and Richard even talked to the lead singer from the audience, that's how close we were! When they were done with their set, he gave out the drumsticks and said "Here's one for my friend Richard," and gave it to Richie!! Too cool, because now I have it in my possession! (The splintered wood doubled as protection when leaving da club)

AAF came on around 11 and played a 14 song set. I touched the lead singer Dreyden's Nike shoe, just to say I was so close I could touch him, so I did. No tall tale here! Richard got a guitar pick, and I stole the typed out set list from off the stage for him (not the first time I've done this!)

After they were done, we reserved copies of the CD and got wristbands to go upstairs and get autographs, so they ALL FOUR signed my cd single! They weren't very talkative, though!

My autograph collection has increased! Add AAF to Pink, Grits, Pat Green, and everyone's favorite, VAL VENIS! Hello, ladies.

The real adventure began when we departed Trees, and walked back to the Dart Rail, only to find that no trains run Northbound after 11:53 on a Saturday night....but they do on weeknights, and they start again at 4 am on Sunday mornings. After establishing that this is ludacrious, we walk to the Dart Bus Station (mind you were are deep in the heart of GHETTO) Well GUESS WHAT! The bus station closes at not 12, not 1, but 12:20. So we say, screw it! and we called Richie's dad.

And, like a bunch of 15 yr olds, they picked the four of us up on a concrete island at the intersection of Live Oak and Pearl Street. (we were too scared to sit anywhere else)

We hit up the IHOP on Central, and I saw my waitress again for the 4th time this summer. I need to bring in a pic of myself, autograph it, and hang it on the wall, like all those other nobodies. I figure since I come in ALL THE TIME I might as well be recognized for it. I'm addicted to that place, with no shame, babay.

Good news, my songwriting feat was successful! Now all I need to write is a chorus......in the works. Nick and Richie have a bass and guitar written, now they just gotta find a drummer and my first song ever in my life will be done, very exciting day!!!

Nick, Corinna, and ESP Richie, you guys blessed me with an amazing night! Even though I may know all the words to Fifty's latest hit, and didn't even know Lollapalooza still existed, you guys take me in, and show me a great time. In the words of my friend R.A.L.-"We're exposing you to different kinds of stuff..."

I like it!
And also...thanks for helping me look at my family situation in a new light....praise God, my Heavenly FATHER, for sunshine, the passage of time, the healing of wounds, unconditional love, and forgiveness.

-c.FLow, the original "Smooth Criminal"-


The one and only thing that's good about my dad walking out on us:
The totally cute pj's my mom bought me, consisting of boy underwears and a matching tank top!
Walking around the house in em ain't NO issue!
I am one free spirit now, DEUCE!


Lots of inspiration kicks in when it takes you 45 minutes to get home from school everyday.....

Ode To A Street Racing Car

Oh mighty street racer with your Asian name,
Driving by you can be such a pain,
I watch as you whizz between cars and pass,
You're in contest to always be furious and fast.

As I watch this speck of color fly by,
Adorned in racing stickers and colors never known to the human eye,
I realize that you resemble a peanut on wheels,
With a wing on the back so big you need a landing field.

Regular tail lights will never do,
Blue or clear is the choice for you,
At night you're like a disco on wheels,
With neon lights shining out your windshield.

Oh street racing car, please drive on by,
Find someone else to impress with your ride,
And leave me in peace with my engine so small,
Cool doesn't mean "dual exhaust" after all!

And I'm spent!


I just wanna say thank goodness Rami's back! I have missed my fellow Ag's anecdotes. But it's on now!

Today I witnessed yet another pet peeve while I was on Midway, go figure. I look in my rearview mirror to see a gigantic Ford F150 staring me in the face. "Where is the driver?" I ask myself. Perplexed, I am frantically looking for some sign of life behid the wheel of this truck. (Isn't that what everyone does at 5 year long redlights?) Anyway, I finally find a guy behind some really cool rainbow tinted Oakleys. He must have been barely my height (5'4") and he was driving this huge truck. He couldn't hardly even see over the steering wheel!!! Poor guy, always having to compete with his vehicle. Sucks when your auto is more of a man than you are. I recommend a VW Beetle, mister.

Pet Peeve #86: Drive something that fits you, ok?

To the tune of P.I.M.P:
"You've got somethin to learn about me,
I'm gonna make that dough and stack up those G's,
No Cadillac, No Chev, can't you see
What I wanna drive's a B-E-N-Z!"

"He like my style, he like my smile, he like tha way I talk,
I think he city, girl he likes me cause I'm from Little Rock.."



I keep hearing the word "trophy wife" a lot lately, and I was musing on the subject. This implies that a man does the picking, while the woman does the settling. But I'm not so sure that men realize the truth of the matter.......

Girls can be really picky and choosy. When we see something we like, we want it. We want it to walk around with, to show off to our friends, and to fill up endless rhinestone-covered picture frames with. By "it" I'm talking a gorgeous guy, of course.

A good looking male in tow can be almost as satisfying as a Louis Vuitton bag or a scandalous new pair of Blahniks.

As with killer accessories, once they go out of style, time to move on!

And Saturday was a goofy day!

I woke up this morning and started to clean out my room!!!! Everything in here is high school stuff, and I can;t take it all when I finally move into a place of my own, so it's undergoing some BIG changes! (Plus my family may have to move out of our nice big house...)
So now I have to figure out where I'm sleeping tonight since my bed is covered in my past......

That was pretty much my Saturday. We went over to see my mom's friends Darlene, who is going thru a divorce as well. But everything will be okay. They'd decided they will go through it together. One thing my mom did assure me of though: "Cortney, I don't care what happens, I will never go play bingo!"
Good thinkin, Mama!

While mom and Darlene were in the process of exchangin girlie talk, me and my sisters decided to be ourselves. We preceded to sing "Carol of the Bells" among others. Did I mention that me and Sarah are A'Cappella choir alums from Webb Middle School. Oh and Emily just made it in this year. So we harmonize like WHOA!!!
After that I decided Senorita Cortney decided to leave cell phone messages.

As if that isn't fun enough, Mom realizes its eleven at night and that we haven't eaten since 3, and YEAH us gals are STARVING!!!!

All it takes is four glorious words from Mama to cheer me up: "We're going to IHOP!!!"

My night is complete!!!

When we get to IHOP, 2 extremely cute guys sit down next to us. They were really goofy and actually talked to us the whole time we were there. Turns out one of them is going to A&M in the fall, and we had a lot in common, except for the fact that he's 2 years younger than me!!! Anyways, turns out he's gonna rush in the fall so I put in a good word for Sig Ep (paying ya back RAMSTER!)
Before they left, my new Aggie friend DAVID came over to me, took my hand, got down on his knee and said: "Cortney, will you marry me?"
If that's not one of the best moves in the book, I dunno what is!!!
Talk about being flattered......

It reminded me that maybe there is someone out there who will fall madly in like with c.Fo!!!!!
Until then....

"I love you like a fat kid love CAKE!"

-i'm still i'm still c.Flow from da block-


And its official!

My dad filed for divorce on Wednesday, and we all found out last night.
What does this mean to my life? Well nothing really, because I've got a whole new one to make now.

this sucks like WHOA



What were YOU doin at 8:15 pm?.....

There is a treacherous turn near Arapaho and Coit in Richardson, rivaling that of the one on Northwest Hwy. near Chili's.
Today, I took it going the FULL 40 MPH.
No Brakes. No red light glaring out da back of my car. Just full acceleration through the entire length of the turn.
There's even a pot hole!
Did I wince a little? yeah. Did I bounce a little? yeah. Did I have fun? HECK yeah.

"Takin tuns like WHOA,
Its da C.FLOW,
Rollin down yo ROAD,
In da yellow 'stang name BO!"

"Stop, and wiggle wit it..."


Sometimes you have to admit to yourself that your feelings are hurt pretty bad. I'm at that point.
I thought the first time I felt icky it was just really nothing. I really believe you aren't meaning to flat out diss me, I just don't think you know you are.
So now all I have to say is ouch. That was the second low blow and it hurts like heck.
I can't wait to go back to school.
Tip of the Day: Think about what you say before you say it. It always gets around to the person you were hoping it wouldn't.



Feels so good to be back in D-Town! It was a long and busy but fun weekend, so here's the RUNDIZZOWN!
May wanna skim this......unless you are curious and BORED!

Thursday: Went to school, and headed down to Aggieland shortly after. Me, Katie, Raba, and Clint had lunch at Jason's Deli, in the midst of a ton of construction over on Texas Avenue! Clint went with me to run some errands, and then I set up camp at Raba and Katie's Apartment. It's really cute! Anyways, I fell asleep like whoa on the couch trying to watch Serendipity w/ Shawty K. I woke up around 10:30, so instead of going out and gettin crunk like we planned, we went and bought the Shakespearean classic "Much Ado About Nothing" You gotta love the Bard. I never really understand what they're saying, but I do get the gist of it!

Friday: I went and did a promo gig for the NBA out at the Texas States 7 on 7 Football Tournament. I got paid to sit in a booth and pass out free samples of Speed Stick at the NBA Jam Van. HA! I got a free NBA shirt and Adidas visor, and I got to watch people play on the goals they had set up. It was really fun except for the heat and getting hit on by high school boys. Then after that I left to go to Houston with my friend Amanda. We went and stayed at her sisters house, and we got to play with her niece and nephews! Amanda and her sister talked alot, so me and the kids brushed our teeth together and played games. I still deny I'm having children though, I'm gonna be the cool Aunt C.Flow!

Saturday: Me and Amanda woke up at 4AM!!!! to get ready to go to Houston Rockets Power Dancers Auditions. We were number 6 and 7 out of 180 people! It only consisted of two rounds: the first we had to freestyle on stage alone to random music, and then we both advanced to the second round and had to do it again! We both made it to the third round, and realized it was on Sunday! So we headed back to College Station to get some stuff and I stayed with Raba and Katie again! That night me and Katie ran some errands, and then Francois and his friend Chris came over so the five of us watched Zoolander and got sno kones......
Hope you kaught that one Katie!

Sunday: Day 2 of Power Dancer Auditions! Me and Amanda trucked it down to Houston at 6:45 AM!!!! for Round three. This time we had to learn a jazz combo, and tryout in groups of 2. They made another cut, and Amanda left :( :( :( She shouldn't have...there were some horrible people out there. I think they made it on their bodies or something! Anyway, we took a short break and went in to Round 4 where we learned a hip hop. It was kinda gay....wasn't feelin it too much! We did that in groups of four. They announced the girls moving on to finals, and my number didn't make it! But that's what next year's for. I guess I did ok for my first year auditioning for them! (I also think shedding another 10 pounds can't hurt either!)
Thus begins the 4 and a half hour drive home! I got gridlocked for 40 minutes in Corsicana...and I called Ram-ster to warn him! Thank you to all my friends who talked to me on the phone from 5-10, the longest drive of ME LIFE! I was rewarded with pizza and ice cream when I got home!

And you thought Cortney and Bo's Tour of Texas was over? We're going to Little Rock in a couple of weeks. I can't believe that my five month old 'Stang has over 6200 miles on it. EESH!

I just got home from school, and I think I'm gonna pass out now.....DEUCE!

-Holla back c.Flow, oooh ooh-


I just realized that I'm writing on a notepad that was given to me at the sorority house.

At the top it says "Wild About Tyler"

Now this is supposed to mean Tyler, Texas.

But I have decided that I'm wild about Tyler, the one and only, the man!!

I hope summer ends soon too! DEUCE!

Song of the Day: Don't know the title but the beat is sick. Its Baby and Lil Bow Wow, checkitout on 97.9 Da Beat!

Yay for my second week of school being done, after tomorrow I have 12 days left!
Props to C.Flow for getting a choreography assignment for Rush!
I'll be in College Station and Houston this weekend chillin, auditioning, and working a NBA promo!
Holla at the cell!

"It's really really nice to meet ya boy....let's get down!"

All I can say is, THANK YOU GOD! Hanson's newest album, Underneath Acoustic, goes on presale August 9th.

And then they start a new tour!

I feel like I'm in heaven.....now all I want is that cd, and those concert tickets.
I promised myself, at age 14, that I could not die without meeting Hanson. Here's my chance kids...and maybe Isaac is still single!

This is one of the greatest things to happen all summer!!!

MMMBOP! :) To the greatest band of all time, thank you for making my day!


Song of the Day: "At Last" by Etta James....... :)

Hip hop was really fun last night except for the mirror hogger. Sometimes we get lucky and they DON'T come to class, but last night was NOT one of those nights! Anyway, I was really tired and I jetted it on back home. I talked to Clint for about an hour, and then I fell asleep buried in a pile of English Literature.

Woke up late again this morning...this is twice, ARGH! But I made it in time to stop by the Sonice on Midway! All large drinks before 11 are 99 cents! Considering it was 7 am, I got my drink, and drank it too! :)

I was too tired to fry my female parts in the tanning bed today so I came back home after school! I was suprised by a phone call from a long lost stranger - Brett! It was so nice to talk to him. I think he's gonna make about 20 grand in Mississippi this summer. He's a door to door salesman, can you believe it? I he'd be good at that...most guys are good salesmen...if you know what I'm saying girls!

My dad is in Chicago on work assignments, and he is very miserable. I'm wondering....if he quits his job, would he be happier? Would he come back to his wife and family? Or would he get worse, and plunge deeper into the woes of depression? God, if you're listening, its me, Cortney.

After I ate lunch I did what any 20 year old with a life would do. I gave my little sisters makeovers! Thing is, they turned out to be mini brunette versions of me! Ahh, to be so lucky! ;-)

Why is it that when you go to school looking like trash people stare, but when you actually look ok, nobody notices?
What have I not figured out?
What I have figured out is this: People out there are as clueless as I am about life, and I can't wait to meet them!

Has anyone noticed how in college we don't have assigned seats? But does it irk anyone else when someone sits in "yours"!!!
I get to the first day of class so early. To find my perfect seat; a seat where I can not only see and hear the teacher, but I can eat, drink, and occasionally sleep, without being a distraction to the class.
And my seat was gone by this week. ARGH!

"Take my seat, I'm gon split ya wig,
And make write my name on it BIG,
I know babies that is mo' smarter than you,
So while you crawl out the class c'mon and kiss my shoe!"

"My lonely days are over...And life is like a song!"


-whos that girl? c.flow's that girl-

studmunky: gee all those years of training with you really paid off for me tonight in the cortney quote contest. I'd like to thank all the people who made this win possible:



Mottos of the Day:

"True love cannot grow where it does not exist...and it cannot hide from where it does."

"Everybody come with some type of baggage. What makes us different is how we carry it, or if we even choose to."

I miss you Shorty K!!!
Can't wait to see all y'all on Thursday!!! Aggieland, here I come!